[A] 4th Annual Gilnean Hallow's End Festival

Moon Guard
The Festival has now ended. Thank you all for coming!

Below is a link to a party favor you received for attending!

Once a year, the people of the Ashen Coast gather the scattered Gilneans and their new allies of the Alliance together to remember the original meanings of Hallow's End, as well as celebrate what they have come to mean. Invitations have been sent out and the word is thick of the fourth gathering of the Ashen Coast and the Gilnean people at their rebuilding home; having skipped over last year due to the Legion.

When: October 27-29. 6:30 - 12:00 server.

Location: Greymane Manor, Gilneas (OOC)
Proxy: Wolfstone Castle, Ashen Coast (IC)


Contests and Prizes

Every year the festival is packed with various sorts of jovial activities. Namely, the Duchy hosted contests tend to reward high value prizes for a plethora of activities.


Several tournaments will be preformed outside of the castle in a specialized area. The highest three participants will walk away with various prizes in the sparring tournament, while the best two in the Pet Battle tournament will be given gold compensation!

Costume Contests

More modern elements of Hallow's End have been the various gatherings of costumes and the like to imitate or mock various elements of Azeroth. As to show the changing of times, a contest will be held for the best costume brought.

The runner up will also be given a smaller prize.

(Obviously no polymorph costumes)

Art Booth

Every year thus far, amazing artists have put forward their time for a small amount of compensation. Get a sketch of your character if you're quick enough!

First come first serve, there is a cut off.

The Duchy offers from its various internal suppliers prizes for those lucky enough to win at fate. For a small donation to the Duchy's coffers (100 gold), one may purchase up to 10 raffle tickets. Various prizes will be listed to be won, and may be chosen at the winner's discretion.


Note: A time with ~ next to it means approximately. I am not sure how long it will take exactly but that is the estimated time. It may be a tad longer or shorter.

Raffle tickets will be sold from day one onward.

There will not be booths up on this day.

6:30 - Gathering/Preparation
7:30 ~ Introductory Speech
8:00 - 9:00 - Masquerade Ball Free Time - Please have costumes on by now.
8:30-9:30 ~ Runaway Theater Troupe Performance
9:30 ~ 10:30 Date Auction
10:30 - 11:00 - Costume Contest
12:00 - Closing


6:30 - Doors reopen for preparation and gathering.
7:30 - 8:00 - First Wickerman Burning (Limit of 40 people)
8:00 - All booths expected to be open by now.
8:00 - 10:00 - Free Time / Remnants of Lordaeron Scavenger Hunt (Other booths will still be open.)
9:00 - 10:00 ~ Art Booth (Shadiyah)
10:30 - 11:00 - Second Wickerman Burning (Limit of 40 people)
11:00 - Closing - No booths will be expected to operate past closing.


6:30 - Doors reopen for preparation and gathering.
7:30-8:00 - Sparring Sign up begins
8:00 ~ Sparring Tournament begins
8:00 - All booths expected to be open by now.
8:30 - 9:00 - Third Wickerman Burning (Limit of 40 people)
9:00 - 10:00 ~ Art Booth (Shadiyah)
10:00 ~ Pet Battle Tournament begins
11:00 - Raffle finale!
12:00 - Closing Ceremony

Times are subject to change!

Hope to see you there!
Costume Contest:

A simple contest to judge costumes or outfits put together by the contestants!

Things that will not be judged:

Race of the contestant (Which means using Orb of the Sin'dorei etc doesn't matter if you want. The outfit is what will be judged. If you think it looks better on an elf or something, then go ahead.)

Transformation items. (Using the Arthas transformer or anything like that will be disqualified, they do not count.)

Things that will be judged:
Outfits of all kinds. It doesn't matter if the set is a transmog! Please keep that in mind as we had a mishap last year where people believed it had to all be moggable; just make an outfit that looks neat and it'll go forward regardless of if you cannot transmog the whole thing!

The Wickerman Burning:

The Wickerman burning is a special part of the event that will be only open to about 40 people, though it will happen both days. An explanation of the wicker man and its origins will go forth and be spoken on by Berenal before everyone is given torches to toss into the wickerman. It will take place in the garrison just outside, summons will be provided back to Greymane Manor.

If you attend one burning, please don't show up to the second so everyone can have a turn.


Sparring will occur on day three and is going to be overseen by John McCallan. The sparring will be a roll off best of three emote battle between the participants, the victor being named the Hallowed Champion of the year and being given a prize.

Second and Third place will also receive a prize. The tournament is purely chance so everyone has a fair shot! There is no entry fee.

Pet Battle Tournament:

Do you have what it takes to be the very best? On Day Three we'll be hosting a pet battle tournament, the winner will receive a prize! The runner up will also receive a smaller prize.

All pets are allowed, there are no bans this year.

The raffle returns! The raffle is a simple thing, you put your name in for some swanky prizes. You can buy up to 10 tickets for 100 gold per. The prizes include:

*Up to 25 dollars in the Battle.net Store
* A Crafted Plate Belt Legendary
* Stormherald, a difficult to obtain transmog mace.
* Several rare mounts including engineering mounts.
* Gold Prizes
Guild Booths:

Booths this year will be run by several guilds and various events are being put forward!

Booth 1: Tempest Concilium
Link to Poster: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1prvzOTtxL35bRPu3A-yIMJpATZ4qnBhNRHz1haPKHvQ/edit

Apple Bobbing
Catch one of the golden apples and you get a cash prize… or catch a not so tasty surprise!

Face Painting
Add a little extra something to those costumes!

Feel Boxes
Can you guess what’s inside?

Tattoo Stand
Feeling something more permanent than a bit of paint? A tattoo artist will be available!

[[OOC Information: Apple bobbing will be based on rolls. Certain numbers have been labeled ‘golden apples’, and are worth 500g a piece. One number has been labeled as a grand prize, 10,000g. The gold is in-game, but also represents IC gold as well! Prizes will be offered for accurately guessing the feel boxes!]]

Booth 2: Blades of Greymane

Dunk the Elf

Care to try your hand at one of those annoying pointy ears? We've got a booth open just for you.

Fortune Telling:

Want to see your future? The Fortune Teller's booth will do special readings to your delight, or perhaps even horror.

Spooky Pet Adoption:

Ever wanted a slime of your own? Maybe a ghost cat is a bit easier to take care of than a normal one? Adopt seasonal pets at the Spooky Pet Adoption.

Booth 3: Remnants of Lordaeron

While technically not a booth, the Remnants of Lordaeron will be running a Scavenger hunt during the second day of the Festival. It is a simple scavenger hunt. Find the people strewn across the party grounds for their items and return them for a prize.

Booth 4: Stormwind Socialites

Trick or Treat Fortune Cookies:
Come get a crunchy delectable fortune cookie with a twist! Each cookie, when cracked open, will either contain a genuine, wisdom filled fortune, or a funny/rude fortune. For those who wish for a low-risk activity

Trick or Treat Trivia:
Answer a question about the Alliance, if you are correct, you get a delicious treat! If you are wrong, you must eat one of our questionable, tricky snacks.

Trick or Treat Tasting:
Ten potion bottles are lined up. Put on a blindfold and choose one at your own risk. You will either be rewarded with a treat (delicious drink, item enhancement) or trick (no potions are fatal or too physically impairing!)
\o/ Looking forward to it~
Rumor has it that Berenal is going as the big bad wolf this year.
My costume this year is a summary of the entire kingdom of Lordaeron.

This sounds awesome, I will try to be there!
Yay!! Server events are the best!!
Oh! This sounds exciting!
Keeping this up top for awareness.

Come watch me walk Berenal on his new leash.
Will be reaching out to people this coming week, excited to work with everyone for the Hallows End events <3
I cant wait to attend this as a guest for once. If I have to pick an event to go to... and simply enjoy it this year, it will be this one.
Count me in there...somewhere.
This sounds fun! I'm new to moon guard, might be fun to make some friends!
Bump. Weapons outside of sponsored events are not permitted near the official party. Duchy guards will enforce this with all due IC respect.
Sounds good to me! Will keep watching this post.
10/12/2017 03:24 PMPosted by Lerren
Bump. Weapons outside of sponsored events are not permitted near the official party. Duchy guards will enforce this with all due IC respect.

Does that mean I have to cut off my... everything? (Mage joke, nothing more... dum de do...)

And now that I've scared everybody, no, I am not one of *those* kinds of roleplayers, and Shira here is a total wallflower.
Lots of planning being done, gotta keep this up top.
Our discord is up, if you need a link to it, please contact me in game!

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