[A] 4th Annual Gilnean Hallow's End Festival

Moon Guard
Berenal grew a beard irl and it looks like he glued my cat to his face. Please give me back my cat, she's hungry.

Oh right, bump.
Next weekend, can't wait!
The time is fast approaching! If you have need for a discord invite, please do contact me in game!
Can we have beer pong?
Berenal I messaged you in game about a proposal :)

Oh hey, this actually looks pretty exciting. I hope I get to come to this!
it's lit fam
The event last night was fun to attend! Everyone looked great, and some of those auction prices.. whoa! I should hopefully check it out again tonight!
I can't even crash the party because of phasing

I am a sad elf.
It was a lot of fun last night. All the booths were very creative and the scavenger hunt was done well.
As the hip youngsters say, it's time to turn up my dudes.
Last evening, come get your art sketches, prizes and join our sparring tournament!
Here are all the sketches from our sketch booth, thanks again everyone who came out <3


and our small thank you gift for everyone who attended:


Thank you again to everyone it was a delight hosting this festival for everyone this year!
Thank you to everyone who showed up this year! It was a real blast to host, and I'm super glad to have seen the turn out this year!

See you all next year for the 5th one!
The festival was excellent -- and the Eagles are looking forward to next year!

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