5/11 Mythic late night LF DPS/Heals

Guild Recruitment
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Friday & Saturday
9:45PM - 1:45AM PST (12:45AM - 4:45AM EST)

Loot Council



Resto Shaman - HIGH
Resto Druid - HIGH


All skilled DPS players of other various classes and specs are encouraged to inquire!

Additionally, for qualified candidates, a paid transfer may be negotiable!

Add one of us to bnet if interested and let’s chat!

GM: Avantha#1824 (Former GM of US #33 Parse Culture)
Officer: TheLOOGE#11560 (Former GM of US #33 Redux)


Who we are: A late-night, weekend raiding guild seeking to finish top US 100 in Antorus. Our leadership and core of players understand that WoW’s hardcore raid scene is dying out, giving way to a surge of casual raiding guilds -- such as this one -- featuring great talent, while expending far less time raiding.

What we are: Casual, semi-hardcore raid group. Firm 8 hour raid weeks. NO mandatory alts. NO mythic splits. No raid time extensions and no extra days. We raid the days and times we advertise. No bait and switches here. We also aren’t pressing to mimic other established guilds. While our guild is new, many of us have raided with each other elsewhere and we've decided to come together from other guilds to build something special.

The goal is simple: Complete all of current content as effectively and efficiently as possible before the start of a new tier.

Here’s the key: Have fun while doing it. Being in a guild where no one likes anyone else is flat out not fun. Being in a guild where most raiders only log in for raid isn’t fun either. We realize that. So one of our foremost priorities is to cultivate a raid environment that is social, enjoyable and fun but also serious when it needs to be.

The bottom line: We want to create an atmosphere that you want to be a part of, both in and out of raid, while also emphasizing progression raiding. It’s a delicate balance that we will aim to achieve as we make our way through each tier.
come raid with us!
Hip hip
Come get a fresh start in a new guild, poised for excellence!
Avantha disband and raid with me again :(
Don't give him any good ideas... rofl
omw boyos
Need all!
Recruiting all! Inquire today!
10/06/2017 06:10 AMPosted by Goodbrain
Recruiting all! Inquire today!

What about tomorrow?
you know you're doing it right when the forum comedians come out to play!
I'm not quite sure what your talking about, but please fix mog asap, think i just lost some brain cells D:
Group coming together nice and quick like...

LF Ranged DPS & a pair of healers to round out the core.
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need all!
Need dps & heals. Growing fast!

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