"Got Wood?" Quest Bug!

Bug Report
I am working on my Loremaster Achievement, and after finally completing Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms, I decided to move along to Kalimdor, and start with Ashenvale.

Now, when I come up to the quest, "Good Wood?", I seem to don't get the Kadrak's Reins, let alone even the oppitunity to mount on Brutusk, as the quest objective is. And I dropped the quest several times, even reloaded my UI and disabled all my add-ons, but nothing seems to be working. And kinda hard to tell where the next quest really is going to be, since I am working on for the Loremaster Achievement after all, don't want to have to just do the 1 zone on a toon on the opposing faction to complete Ashenvale Quest when I am mainly working on it on my mage.
I did it just fine a week or two ago.
I initially had issues with it too... because I didn't read the quest text.

Talk to Kadrak.

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