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Usually, I post as Kalenar on Darrowmere, but when the Site finally let me log back in, ... it was on one of my lesser played Alts. And now, Kalenar is missing from the Posting Profile Selection!

Is anyone else having this problem?

Using a different Browser and deleting cookies and stuff does not help ...
Haven't the faintest what's causing it, but this has happened to me on a few occasions (including just now, no less). Far's I know I hadn't even been logged off the forums at all since last I posted, so that's (probably) not what's triggering it.
Every one of my 110 toons is missing from my posting options. That's a total of ten.
Having the same problem.Can't find my main that I usually post on the forums with in the profile selection list.
Same problem here went to check the forums and my main is missing whatever is causing this hope it gets fixed soon.
... and, I see, this still isn't fixed. >.<
10/24/2017 04:54 PMPosted by Decleaver
... and, I see, this still isn't fixed. >.<
Okay, NOW it's fixed.

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