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Hi all! after taking a break due to RL and general burnout at the start of ToS i've decided to return to raiding in anticipation of Antorus.

I've been raiding since Kara in TBC, mostly casual untill MoP. I"m looking for a solid group to raid mythic on a lighter schedule since raiding 3-4 days a week just isn't something i'm interested in anymore.

Relevant info:

the earliest i can raid is 9PM EST, with the latest being 1AM EST.

I'd perfer to raid Horde but am open to raiding alliance aswell.

I'm not interested in raiding on any tank other than Prot Paladin, i've played one as a main since Ulduar and have no intention of stopping now. Although i do play Prot Warrior, Guardian Druid, and Vengeance DH as alts for M+ and general screwing around.

As stated above i've raiding for a very long time at this point and have seen most mechanics blizzard has thrown at us, i'm very quick to learn new boss mechanics and am always reading current theorycrafting for my class as well as taking part in discussions from time to time (mostly on the Prot Paladin Discord) i'm also always watching video guides for bosses regardless of how close i am to encountering them on mythic (for instance i watched fatbosses Elisande Mythic guide about 5 times before my guild ever got to her)

Notable Kills:


6/13H ToT

Cutting Edge: Garrosh 10man


11/13M HFC


Cutting Edge Xavius

Cutting Edge Gul'dan

1/9M ToS (started my break from raiding 3 weeks into ToS progress)


All my logs can be found here, i try and log every pug group i join.


Thanks for taking the time to look through this! if you're interested in recruiting me add my Btag: Dasturos#1479
<Vice> [H] Chogall is a weekend nighttime raiding guild currently looking for skilled players to continue progression. We are currently recruiting a tank for a core spot.

Raid Times:
Friday 9pm-12am EST
Saturday 9pm-12am EST


Apply at:


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