939 UH DK 3/9M lfg(PrefAlliance)

Guild Recruitment
3/9 isn't very impressive, huh? lol
Hello, I'm Jellal, I main UH with 72 traits in my weapon and only a couple Blood Leggos left to collect. After my guild attained cutting edge Gul'dan, I decided to take a break for tier 20. I'm very excited for Antorus and I'm determined to end the expansion raiding mythic again. I work from about 6 a.m. EST to 1 p.m. EST so something around 3 p.m. would be ideal, however I'm pretty versatile with my sleep schedule.

<Ineffable> (7/9M) Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 7-10 PM PST

Current needs: Any competent and competitive DPS.

We have a competitive yet relaxed atmosphere. Any heal/tank/dps spot is open as long as you can perform, both mechanically and parse, better than anyone currently filling your role.

Please contact us in game for questions regarding trials.


In Game Btag

Dromaus (GM) - bronxboy10#1700
Ripbig (Healing Officer) - Repreave#1356
Nerexar (Officer) - Nerexar#1184
Motopyro (Officer) - Moto#1860


Dromaus (GM) - Dro#6912
Ripbig (Healing Officer) - Big#1927
Nerexar (Officer) - Sovereign#3239
Motopyro (Officer) - Moto#5394

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