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<This thread will be unlocked for question submission following the World of Warcraft – What’s Next Panel on the Mythic Stage in Hall D, ending at 1:30pm PDT today. Please hold your questions until that time. Thank you!>

Well met!

Tomorrow Saturday, November 4, from 4:00pm to 5:00pm PDT in Hall D (Mythic Stage), the World of Warcraft Development Team will take the stage for the World of Warcraft Live Q&A to answer all the questions you’re sure to have about our announcements, including World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth . Feel free to ask questions regarding dungeons, raids, zones, lore, and more!

For those of you not at the convention, or who wish to submit questions off the floor, please use this thread to submit your questions.

Here are some things to consider when submitting a question:

  • Please keep your question brief and to the point.
  • If you see a question in the thread you would like to see an answered, please up-vote it.
  • As you may expect, we will receive many submissions both online and at the convention. We will not be able to answer all of them, but we will get to as many as we are able.
  • Make sure you’re asking a question versus making a statement.

How will the PVP Opt-In Work? If this is something we can toggle, do you think this will undermine the current nature of PVP Realms?
A few months ago, Ion and Josh discussed in an interview that, after the new combat animations are completed, the new Worgen and Goblin character models are a high priority for the team, that it's something that they really want to get done. Do you have any updates regarding the new models?
New question

Many legendary effects could pretty much be glyphs. With no replacement of legiondaries, can the old glyph system come back?

- Scrapped my original question on future realm pop concerns

With Allied Races coming out, the cataclysm races are feeling more and more outdated. Are we going to see new models for Worgen and Goblins with more customization options (for Worgen at least) sometime during this upcoming expansion?


On customization: Worgen have subtle changes to hair styles and faces, in comparison to all other races. Their facial hair changer is the most drastic of options but even then it's a bit lacking in style variety. It's far harder to see any difference between multiple Worgen players than it is for other player races or even when comparing to their expansion cousins, Goblins.
Hello and thanks so much for taking this time to engage with the community. Please consider the bolded portions to be the question itself, and everything else to be optional context and clarification. Thank you.

Question (PvP depth & class complexity):

Will you do anything to address complaints from PvP players and others that class depth and gameplay depth in PvP have suffered greatly since the WotLK, Cata, & MoP eras? Are you hearing feedback that ability pruning has badly damaged PvP gameplay, and will you do anything to increase the number of 'high skill cap/difficult to use well' utility and CC options in PvP gameplay, and to increase the difficulty of dealing near-optimal damage in PvP? Do you hear the feedback from PvP focused players that we greatly, overwhelmingly prefered the gameplay and class design of the WotLK, Cata, and MoP eras, and will you act on that feedback? What will you do to make PvP focused players feel more included and valued during the alpha and beta process relative to our experiences as testers for WoD and Legion where we often felt that our feedback was largely misunderstood, undervalued, and discarded?

Question (class fantasy):

When redesigning a class or spec in a new expansion, how do you manage making that spec appealing for a reroller or bright-eyed new player vs. keeping it appealing for those that have been completely devoted to that spec for over a decade? Are you hearing feedback from many long time players of the Rogue, Hunter, and Warlock classes that many of us are unhappy with the new playstyles and mechanics of our beloved specs in Legion? Will you return a more 'iconic' feeling to these classes and others in the next expansion? Will I ever get to play a subtlety rogue again that has the feel (including pace, mechanics, playstyle, visuals, sounds, etc) of the legendary WotLK, Cata, and MoP versions of that spec or will I forever feel that my beloved long time main has changed into something foreign and unappealing to me?
Are there plans to make the artifact appearances such as the PvP Prestige or Balance of Power line more palatable for alts as the expansion comes to a close?

The new leveling sounds great, but I'm capped on char slots. Can we get the char slot limit per server removed? Just one slot doesn't even sound like it will be enough.
Will the Void Elves have normal High Elf customization options (skin/hair color)?
What are the class restrictions for all the new playable allied races?
Since Allied Races start at level 20, will they have unique separated starting zones similar to Pandaren?
Will PVP stat templating be applied to world pvp? I.e. as it is currently in battlegrounds?
Will classes be getting pruned spells back? Like the honor talents spells?
Any chance of a MDI style Tournament realm for the world first raid races?
With the addition of more and more Archaeology races added the number of piece bonus items has grown. Can we get a separate tab for those pieces like the currency tab or quest item "bag"?
Outlaw Rogue Questions from the Ravenholdt (Rogue) Discord Community:

1) With the renewed focus on Outlaws in general (Kul'tiras) are we going to see any major changes to the spec?


2) Are Outlaws going to have more viable AND fun talent choices? Right now we feel forced into Grappling Hook (the utility is too strong), Alacrity (the boost is too strong, which is sad, because Killing Spree and Cannonball Barrage were more fun), etc.

3) Is there any chance SND and RTB could both be baseline abilities, but mutually exclusive buffs, giving us the freedom to choose on the fly? Not all rogues (class fantasy) want to be gamblers.

4) What about Outlaw scaling? Is anything going to be done with our mastery?

5) Why does Outlaw not have a strong niche when Sin and Sub do? What's the developer intent for Outlaw's niche and rogue niches in general?

6) Why doesn't Outlaw cleave (Blade Flurry) affect Pistol Shot and BTE (aside from immersion reasons)?

7) Legendary effects: could some of the popular effects get baked in? Such as Greenskins.

8) Roll the Bones was first heavy rng (frustrating) then lessened by balancing/Loaded Dice trait (boring rotating stat-stick) - Will there be changes to how RTB functions? Loaded Dice (band-aid fix) as a talent isn't really a favorable solution.
From a story perspective, how do reconcile an expansion strongly built around faction war while having story developments (like major patches and raids) requiring faction cooperation to defeat XYZ baddie?

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