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With the new sub-races and incentives to level them from scratch will we be getting more character slots per server. I'm all full :(
With this expansion will we be seeing advancements to guilds, such as adding more ranks, guild tabard options, and other optimization?
Will we be able to continue to collect artifact appearances or are the ones not unlocked forever non-attainable?
Is there anyway players could get more say in how their characters look and the style of their garments? It seems even with the current changes to the game too many items are non-transmorgible. Also since it says there is a A-M ESRP rating for WOW why isn't there area's for mature players to play in? Thanks have loved WOW for quite awhile now, keep up the great work!
The following questions are from the Chinese Warcraft wiki and the Gilded Rose forum.

Can Bolvar control the entire Scourge on Azeroth? If not, who does those members of the Cult of the Damned or the Scourge out of control pledge their loyalty to?

What’s the future of the eredar and the Legion? Does the fel source of the Legion exist after the battle on Argus?

When can we ride flying mounts in some zones that are restricted to ground mounts only, such as Azuremyst Isle, Ghostland, and Isle of Quel’Danas?

Can you give more stories for those characters of new generation rather than the old ones?

Who is the current leader of the green dragonflight, Lord Itharius or Merithra? Or the flight had been disbanded?

Will we meet Naz'jar Battlemaiden again when we fight against Azshara in the future storyline?

The starting zone of pandaren, Wandering Isle, has become the monk order hall in the Legion, do you have some idea to reopen the starting zones of goblin and worgen, just like the Wandering Isle?

Where is the port that Arthas led the Lordaeron fleet to Northrend? If the port was not located in Stratholme, did Stratholme have a port?

Who is the current leader of Cult of the Damned? Is it Kel’Thuzad? What are Bolvar’s “other plans”?

Why Normantis the Librarian was thrown out of the Kirin Tor and became Normantis the Deposed?

Why did Lady Vashj help Illidan? Is it possible to reverse the curse on the naga, just like the arakkoar in Draenor (for example, the Shadow-Lord Iskar)?

Can you give us some information about Mayla and Ulan Highmountain, Dargrul and the Grey One?

If the new expansion’s theme is Kul Tiras, does it mean that some TRPG settings about the characters such as Finnall Goldensword, Tandred Proudmoore and Duke Falrevere will become canon? Will Zul Dare have its appearance in the next expansion?

Will Sarah Pine give us more stories about WoW universe (especially about blood elf)?

When we can see the true form of Mimiron and Tyr? I mean before their death.

Will Budd Nedreck and Harrison Jones’ expedition team make their appearances in the future?

When did the Kul Tiras sailors located in the Oceanus Cove arrived in the Broken Isles?

The drogbar were once supposed to be the ancestor of troll, and it was canceled later. Is it true?

Can we know the truth about the Death of Chromie in the new expansion?

Who is the heir of King Anduin Wrynn?

What were the follow ups about Kelsing? What’s the relationship between he and the House of Menethil?

What’s the occupation of Duke Reginald Baradin II, a duke of Strom that stayed on Tol Barad or a duke of Kul Tiras that established or led the Baradin’s Wardens? What’s the relationship between his family name and the Baradin Bay? Is he still alive? If not, which era did he live?

What is the relationship between Sha’tar and the Army of the Light?
Will we get more race/class combinations in addition to new playable races? ( Night Elf paladins, Draenei druids, etc )
With addition of cool new pets with each expansion and patch, will hunters be granted more stable space to keep the pets they tame?
Will there be more races that can be demon hunters?
In the current expansion, we shared a class hall with the opposing faction. What made you want to take the faction conflict direction vs. having Horde and Alliance finally come together to work against the Old Gods? Is the Void too vague an enemy for us to come together?
Are these all the features in expansion? They really seem light compared to Legion, I must admit I expected more from new expac...
With the progress you've made with connected realms and cross-server play, have you given any thought to cross-realm guilds? I desperately want to find a better guild community but don't want to leave the server I've been on since 2009.

To be more specific: I love the option to invite my friends to quest, run dungeons, raid, etc., but a guild has a community element (chat, guild identity) that isn't resolved through this current mechanic. And on the other side of the coin, servers themselves have identities and players where one may not be keen on discarding just to join another guild on another server where things may or may not work out long term.

I can see that you might fear loss of revenue via your paid server transfer service, but I wanted to offer some counter-points:

    1. Servers have identities in and of themselves. Some servers are known for having great economies, some are RP-oriented. There are reasons outside of guilds where someone might want to server transfer, so that revenue wouldn't necessarily go down 100%.

    2. Allowing cross-realm guilds may help with the issue of server population balance you mentioned in the WoW: What's Next? presentation.

    3. Cross-realm guilds would absolutely encourage people who have let their accounts lapse to re-subscribe. Many people are interested in coming back to play the new content, but fear that they'd re-log into server full of strangers. Allowing them to come back without having to front the cost of transferring their characters (or the "time tax" of potentially having to start a new toon on a new server) would make this decision far easier, and allow them to link up with their friends in a more meaningful, community-based way.

Thanks for your time!
Will there be any updates to the guild system, such as the guild finder and the current guild UI screen? Will dead guilds ever be purged and free up a guild name spot?
With Auction houses will there ever be a new update on Auction house that allows you to put what item you want and how much you are willing to pay for it . will you ever update the auction house so we can post what items we want for the amount of gold we would pay?
What will actually happen to our artifact weapons after legion? I have seen many rumors but never a solid answer. I for one do not wish to 100% part ways with the blades of the fallen prince.
How was the decision made for the classes available to the Allied factions?
Will the starting zones see an update any time soon? At the moment they are very outdated and bland in terms of gameplay, and potentially unappealing to newer players.
If I complete the subraces quests/questline on the Alliance side, will they also be unlocked for the Horde side (and vice versa)?

Thank you!
Can the Draenei and Blood Elf starting zones/capital cities see an update at some point? They've been heavily neglected, and not being able to fly there makes the cities even more unappealing. They would look fantastic in upgraded graphics
With Allied Races, will we see the return of our original allied races, the Jinyu and the Hozen as playable races? (Pretty please, I want my fishmen).

Will Worgens and Goblins get updated models with the new Kezan dungeon that was announced?

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