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With the Eastern Kingdoms under Alliance control what's happening with Lor'themar and the Blood Elves? Remember the Sunwell!
With the new expansion and the new lands that we will explore, does blizzard plan to add and/or update the hunters stables? We need more pet slots and perhaps a way to look at and organize our pets. I am hoping for something similar to the battle pets menu under collections. With this addition to the collections menu we can change and organize our pets on the fly without needed a stable master to get it done.

Another question.... how many more character slots are we going to get per server/account.
How do you plan to combat the HP and dps number inflation in Battle for Azeroth, considering numbers are already well into the millions at the end of Legion?
Will there be more than one part to pathfinder and will it be time-gated again?
11/03/2017 01:43 PMPosted by Kyraz
Will long time players, who can no longer perform effectively in dungeons and raids, once again be shut out of obtaining flying in current content, or are we going to at least lower the Pathfinder bar to being inclusive and possible for ALL Warcraft players?

There is no flying in dungeons. Why would you ever connect dungeons, or raids to the ability to fly to begin with?

Many of us are waiting to see whether this was a "fluke decision" in Legion, or if we will be feeling very welcome in the next expansion.

I have a related question about dungeons. It initially appears this will be an expansion of choices, will there actually be choices in regards to dungeons or will they again be almost required to make any progress in all parts of the game again.
Will there be any further class-specific content from the Order Hall campaign or similar in Battle for Azeroth?
Will we get new customization for the old races, like Wildhammer options for dwarfs now that we will get Dark Iron?
Some of us have put massive amounts of time into our mains. The new Allied Races have the opportunity to expand and/or enhance that character fantasy. Once we unlock a new Allied Race, if we wish to change a pre-existing character to that new Allied Race, will we have to purchase a race change? If so, will there be at least one free race change with a pre-order/collector's edition?
What will happen with loot from the Dungeons/Raids? Will they be the same for Horde and Alliance. If no, will we have to make a capped Horde and Alliance just to get different transmogs?
So....Worgen/Goblin models? *Wink wink nudge nudge*
Can we also:

* Makes enhance and rets a hybrid melee/caster like they used to
* Add back magic resistance

Also, unprune seals, auras, sacred shield (all specs), repentance (for rets).

Remove autobubble, disallow physical abilities to be used during bop
1. The six allied races presented all seem to share base body models (and thus dances, animations, etc) with already playable races - does this mean that any future allied races must also fit this pattern?

I.e. Taunka are likely to happen since they have the Tauren body model, but others with different body models such as Tuskarr, Arrakoa, Gnolls or Ogres will not happen?

2. Will Horde players that previously earned the now-gone Zandalari faction reputation gain any advantage in recruiting them - or at least get some special quest text dialogue where this old feat is recognized?

3. Will the Classic servers be linked with 'live' servers in any way? Specifically, will any of the normally account-wide cosmetic rewards such as mounts, pets, titles and transmogs earned on 'live' realms be available on Classic servers for the same Blizzard account?
Can you share Blizzards thought process behind launching classic WoW side-by-side with current WoW?

Is there any concern of a mass exodus or at least the WoW community become irreversibly fragmented?
Will any items end up being removed from the game because of this switch to level scaling.
Since there will be 6 new races unlocked, will there be more character slots available per server and account wide?
How successful was the Lucid Nightmare mount and other hidden things or secrets throughout Legion and do you plan to continue with this type of content going forward? I absolutely love it, personally!
Will cold weather flying (Northrend flying) be available at level 60 now that you can go to Northrend at level 60?
1) What will the Kirin Tor's/Dalaran's stance be in the war? Will they remain neutral under Khadgar, or go back to being part of the Alliance? And if they do join the Alliance, what will the Horde get in return?

2) Will there be some form of cross-faction communication for the role-playing community, at the very least both sides understanding Common and Orcish?
Tuskarr When?
Any plans for a Legendary mount to be become available in the future? Doesn't have to be something only a select few obtain, maybe just an incredibly long quest-line or achievement process worthy of a Legendary quality mount.

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