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Could you please summarize the classes each of the allied races can be?
So about those worgen and goblin models that are now older than the vanilla models were....
Since the next expansion will primarily focus on Alliance vs Horde, does that mean it could end in a way similar to the way the first two RTS games? Such as a capital city being brought to ruin, or even an end to a faction as we know it?
Question: Will we be getting more character slots for allied races? If so, how many?
Any plans for a Suramaresque zone in BoA, I loved Suramar and would love this heavily driven story zone design continue...
Why was the decision made to only have 6 sub-races and not have a sub-race for every single current race?
Can we look forward to seeing more of Zidormi (Blasted Lands, Theramore, etc)? Specifically, in older content that has been phased due to questing. Or on a larger scale like Azeroth pre-Cata.
With so much consideration for group playing, how difficult will it be to solo play with level scaling? Not all of us can easily take the time to play with others all the time due to conflicting and limited schedules. I already miss out on storyline and other content that are tied to raids, dungeons, and battlegrounds. This has been especially difficult in the more recent expansions.
Question: Will the dungeon journal pre-cata raids ever be updated with abilities and lore. Will we ever get ogres as playable race and Will we ever get to face azshara and Nzoth in the game?

Thank you
Why has it taken this long for you to decide the time is right to implement Classic Realms? They've been requested since just about Burning Crusade and certainly since the Cataclysm revamp. What has changed that now the non-trivial technological undertaking is worth your time to invest in? How have community efforts to create Classic Realms shaped your plans?

Sorry if this has been asked. Posting from mobile device and I can't find a search button that searches just this thread.
This expansion will clearly bring yet more destruction. Can we ever have nice things? Will we ever rebuild things out in the world such as the Stonewrought Dam, Sentinel Hill or Silvermoon?
Question: With Alliance controlling the full west side of the map what is happening with Silvermoon city that is over there?
I have a few questions:

Will other caster classes get new animations like Mage and Priest did?
With the drastic change to control of the continents, what happens with the Exodar and Silvermoon City and their leveling zones?
Slightly more advanced customization for the races: more hair styles, maybe sliders for hair length or body type?
Can we get armor dye, please? More transmog options would be awesome.


For those asking about the allied races and class combos, they DO have a page with the combos for the races, except for Troll and Dwarf.


Thanks to Blizz for taking the time to read all of our posts and answer some of our questions.
Where are the Worgen and Goblin remodels?!
Any chance for Ogre allied race to the Orcs? Or maybe Gnolls for the Worgen, pack leader thing maybe?
Obviously barring spoilers, is there any hint/insight you can offer as to whether or not there will be Old God content in the near future, particularly pertaining to N'zoth?
How is it the Shal'dorei/Nightborne are going to be Horde only? The Alliance were right there for the entire first half of the expansion, the instances and raids, and the entire storyline about their insurgency just as much at the Horde.
1.) With the addition of the new subraces, will current races be getting more customization options, such as skintones, hair colors/styles, tattoos and scars?

2.) As well, will players receive at least one free racechange to one of the new races?

As an addendum; Brown and straight backed orcs please?
Will the upcoming changes to Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms be phased for higher levels only so the starting zones of any affected races stay the same or will there be new starting zones?
With all the new playable races being added in the upcoming expansion, are we forced to pay for character changes in order to experience them on our mains?

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