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Question: What will happen to the exodar and silver moon?
I'm at 12/12 on my server. How will leveling for allied races work? Will we get new slots, will it be account wide or will you be removing the 12 character limit? Removing the limit per server is my preference.
Will Danath Trollbane return from Outland now that Alleria and Turalyon have resurfaced? With the impending Alliance reconquest of Lordaeron, will Danath reclaim and rebuild Stromgarde?

Edit: As you're apparently rebuilding Stromgarde (yay!), will it be in a Warfront instance only, or will it also gain its new appearance in the game world (phased or otherwise)?
When will a healer spec for Death Knights be implemented?
With regard to travel, can we have the Garrison shipyard ships be more functional? Like being able travel to different seaports like the ones in Wetlands and Stormwind.

Maybe tweak the cooking recipes to include Vanilla and BC level herbs as seasonings for Legion recipes?

Will Crafting professions become useful again?
Where is Wrathion?
The new "Advanced NPC" functionality for Island Expeditions sounds very interesting. Will we see any of this functionality be incorporated into upcoming dungeon & raid encounters?
Will there be cross server/realm email in the new systems?
Will the Alliance be successful in retaking Lordaeron, making it Alliance territory? With Teldrassil being burned, will that force the Kaldorei to relocate entirely to the Eastern Kingdoms? If so, what will happen to the Night Elf starting zone?
Love the upcoming race variants but what about more options for existing ones? Skin tones mainly.
Will you please give mount collectors an actual custom model mount at 350 mounts collected instead of just a re-skin? The amount of work required to get that many is insane, and a re-skin just seems like such a letdown.
Is the future PVP to PVE setting a simple fix for the imbalanced tuning of current WORLD PVP?
AKA -Will we see attention on WPVP (Tuning) next expansion?
Is it possible that ogres are coming to be a playable race in the future? So disappointed they are not coming in the next expansion.
Is there going to be some kind of cap on Azerite? This new expansion has so many things for my alts to do. I don't want to feel like legion where you had to farm artifact power all day to stay relevant in raiding.
Question: Will the starting Burning Crusade zones (The Blood Elf/Draenei starting zones) be updated to allow flying?
Will the Heart of Azeroth be similar to Artifact weapons in the sense that it takes longer to attain higher and higher levels?

Will there be a "max level" on the Heart of Azeroth, or will it continue to level up forever?

Will loot with higher item levels require more levels in the Heart of Azeroth to unlock their bonuses as opposed to lower item level loot?
How about turning PVE into a system of rankings similar to PVP, but using some of the Mythic Dungeon Invitational concepts? Maybe with ongoing seasons where top % of players each season also get a mount or reward, similar to PVP?
Recently Blizzard has had a focus on inclusivity. What plans do you have to bring LGTBQ+ representation to the forefront the Warcraft universe?
What exactly will happen to neutral organizations/class halls for this expansion? Will they fade out or be trying to advocate for peace?
in Battle for Azeroth, will being part of one of the new cross-server Communities allow cross-server Mythic raiding?

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