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Will Legendaries be returning to Battle for Azeroth as we have seen them in Legion?
An add-on to my original question quoted below (now that we're post-deep dive): I really like the Communities social option, and I think that for people who are already in guilds that they really like, this adds some amazing, convenient features. And yet I wonder why you aren't going ahead and making guilds cross-realm as well as Communities. As stated below, there are reasons one might not be able to find a suitable guild on the server they (and perhaps ALL their alts) are on, and cross-realm guilds would allow a lot more flexibility and a more robust multiplayer experience for many of us.

I'll definitely make use of Communities, but I'll still be missing the Guild identity (guild name displayed, tabard), the ability to trade/share items (presumably?), and access to a shared bank. Thoughts?

11/03/2017 02:25 PMPosted by Wezmerelda
With the progress you've made with connected realms and cross-server play, have you given any thought to cross-realm guilds? I desperately want to find a better guild community but don't want to leave the server I've been on since 2009.

To be more specific: I love the option to invite my friends to quest, run dungeons, raid, etc., but a guild has a community element (chat, guild identity) that isn't resolved through this current mechanic. And on the other side of the coin, servers themselves have identities and players where one may not be keen on discarding just to join another guild on another server where things may or may not work out long term.

I can see that you might fear loss of revenue via your paid server transfer service, but I wanted to offer some counter-points:

    1. Servers have identities in and of themselves. Some servers are known for having great economies, some are RP-oriented. There are reasons outside of guilds where someone might want to server transfer, so that revenue wouldn't necessarily go down 100%.

    2. Allowing cross-realm guilds may help with the issue of server population balance you mentioned in the WoW: What's Next? presentation.

    3. Cross-realm guilds would absolutely encourage people who have let their accounts lapse to re-subscribe. Many people are interested in coming back to play the new content, but fear that they'd re-log into server full of strangers. Allowing them to come back without having to front the cost of transferring their characters (or the "time tax" of potentially having to start a new toon on a new server) would make this decision far easier, and allow them to link up with their friends in a more meaningful, community-based way.

Thanks for your time!
While the new expansion is exciting Legion isn't over yet so when's Antorus going to be released? Is it with 7.3.5 whenever that is or is it sooner?
Will the warforge/titanforge system remain? If so, will it remain the same, or will there be a limit placed on it, e.g. maximum upgrade of 15 ilvls or similar?
Will the Titanforging system be present in Battle for Azeroth as we have seen it in Legion?
When will Antorus go live?
Will new Undead or Night Elf characters have a new or altered starting experience with the changes coming in Battle for Azeroth, or will the zones of Tirisfal and Teldrassil still be Horde and Alliance controlled, respectively, until those characters reach 110?
Are there any planned changes to the Auction House?
While artifacts going away for most classes just means replacing a weapon and losing one ability, for feral and guardian Druids it means completely losing a character appearance we’ve grown used to and going back to all looking the same again. Will this be addressed in any way in the next xpac? Will there be a way to keep our hard earned appearances or will I never get to be an owlcat again?

Will you revamp zones to actually look like, for example, The Arathi Highlands Warfront, out in the open world, or is it just shown through a scenario only?
QUESTION: I love all the supplemental products we've seen for WoW over the years, in particular, the Warcraft RPG and the World of Warcraft RPG by Sword and Sorcery studios, and the various boardgames published by Fantasy Flight Games. Is it possible that we could see new licensed products like this in the future? I would love to see a pen and paper RPG for the World of Warcraft once more.
This question is more about neutral factions, particularly ones that actually have a grasp on land like the Argent Dawn/Crusade. They worked -HARD- and are still working to cleanse the Plaguelands and restore it back to a proper state. How are they going to see this war, and will they be forced to pick a side? It would be a shame to lose the small oasis of neutrality in Azeroth that is objectively not evil/wrong.
Will Azerite armor compete with tier slots? Will there still be 6 tier slots, and if so will you be able to get both the 'current' tier's 4-piece and previous tier's 2-piece bonuses?
Are there plans to revise the current warforge/titanforge system in hopes to help reduce the concerns from the mythic raiding community?
When is the 8.0 beta?
Azshara always felt to me like she could be a main expansion villain (like The Lich King or Deathwing). But it looks like she is being relegated to a sideshow boss this expansion. You said there would be no big external threats? Azshara feels like a big external threat.
Lots of new races incoming. Some of us are not on 4 connected servers, so will we be getting more character slots on realms and possible more overall?
With our artifacts going away, what's going to happen to the artifact abilities? I've grown really attached to Ebonbolt.
Have you guys ever considered using phasing to phase everyone in my group to the faction i'm currently playing? Basically, Dynamic Faction Phasing in 5-Mans and Raids? I love the Horde! I love my friends! And i'd love to raid with my friends without having to play as or with alliance.
Will we be getting new haircuts, etc at the barbershop?

Is there more of a difference between Lightforged and regular Light-adjacent Draenei besides eye color?

Will allied races have roughly the same number of class options as standard races?

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