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Any thought into adding a new Range DPS? No new Range DPS since Vanilla
Question: Is there a reason that with all of the next expansion imagery that we do not see Blood Elves?

Since Horde loses Undercity, what will happen to the Blood Elves since they rely on help from Undercity to push back the Scourge. Will the Alliance turn towards Silvermoon next?

Will you design or reintroduce PvP gear set bonuses?
11/03/2017 02:11 PMPosted by Amandiel
What classes will be allowed for the new "Allied Races" - will they have the same restrictions as the 'parent' race or will there be different options (like Void Elf Warlocks for example)?

Check out the website on all new races classes
Hi, I first and foremost would like to say thank you for taking the time out to go through and read every question any one of us might ask. I personally have a few questions myself, and I will try to keep them short and sweet.

1) My main question is, will we be seeing new playable Druids in the expansions with the new races? I can see where Horde could have two new Druids with the Highmountain Tauren, and the Zandalari Trolls, but Im not seeing it with Alliance so much. We will be getting a new druid for both factions, or will it be, that since both can't have it, neither will have it?

2)The commonly begged for Worgen update. When will we see it? Of course it's been asked for many many times here already. But I just had to ask again because I know we all would love to finally have an answer about that.

3)Lastly, as a long time rper myself, I would love to see something in regards to player marriages and partnerships. I've seen other games do something like this, and as WoW is my mmorpg of choice, i would love to see it added here.
The Zandalari abandoned our friendship of old and declared war on the other races of Azeroth. We spent a lot of time beating on them during Cata and Mists. Now suddenly we're going to be best friends? Why would we ally with a group that has already proven itself untrustworthy? The fact that they have a strong navy is just not compelling enough. Is there going to be something to explain this disconnect?
Is there going to be an item Squish this Expansion or is the game in a healthy place that a Squish isn't necessary?
Community Related:
After the announcement of Voice Chat, do you have plans for different queues for different regions/languages?
For example, a separate queue for latin american players, brazillan players and american players, because language is always an issue and we, from Ragnaros or other servers have issues with ppl of american servers.
How are you going to handle tradeskills? Will you be keeping the systems from Legion, i.e. the 3 tiered system and advancing/receiving recipes through questing/dungeons?
Phasing has caused many a problem on servers for some time. Recently, phasing was turned off for RP servers because of it.

Do you believe you will have this new pvp toggle phasing under control when the new expansion releases, or are we in for a complete and messy disaster?
What is going to happen to the new abilities that some classes have gained through artifact weapons. For example a frost mages Ebonbolt or a Fire mages Phoenix flames? No class bias here I promise! *eye roll*
When will Kel'thuzad's story be told?
Are there any races getting additional classes added to them? People are still waiting on Paladin Nelves/Trolls, Human Shaman, etc.
Is the Legendary system still going to continue into the next xpac in any form or is it being scrapped?
Questions about Current gearing systems.
1) To me personally it seems pointless to raid on a mythic level other than to say you've done it, with the way warforging and titanforging is now it makes more sense to just clear heroic and normal every week and hope for higher Item gear than to spend 300-600 wipes trying to kill a boss for what would probably be a very minor upgrade.
2) Gearing an alt this expansion is nothing short of terrible. I think almost solely because of the legendary system, sure for your main character you can grind it out and get what you need, but for an "Altoholic" like me trying to get semi decent legendaries on my many characters is nearly impossible and just makes me not want to play them.
3)pvp gearing, Is there any plan to make pvp gear better for pvp again? with a faction based expansion and more world pvp it would be nice to have some edge on people who just raid rather than getting stomped by someone because they raid 5 nights a week and you pvp 5 nights a week.
Will legendaries be returning as a system in the next expansion, or are we done with them?
Can we bump up the characters allowed per account?

After thirteen years, a lot of players have already capped their accounts or gotten pretty close. Fifty sounds like an obnoxious amount, but over the years, a lot of the characters have sentimental value as well as a lot of time invested. Is there any hope in getting a bit more room on our account as a whole? Adding the ability to make extra characters per server still means we are deleting elsewhere if the overall cap is the same.

Thanks for your time!! :)
Are you planning more server merges? On a related note, it feels like I get sharded with a bunch of other servers regularly now on Argus, is that trend going to continue or intensify?

Night and day on Oceanic servers remains an issue and one that has been asked about repeatedly for years.

When will Oceanic players get to play in daylight rather than eternal night?
The Blood Elf Arcane Torrent is extremely dominant in M+ gameplay, to the extent that almost all teams in the MDI went Horde/belf when possible. Are there any plans to better balance racial abilities between the factions to avoid this sort of lopsided preference?

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