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With the creation of the pvp opt-in, is there a possibility of RP opt-in becoming available?
Are there any plans to add the collecter edition of past expansions into the blizz cash shop like the digital deluxe package for Warlords?

Will we be getting extra character slots to make room for the new subraces for those that don't have a free spot on their main servers?
How will the new Stat/ilevel squish work? Also are we getting class and pet buffs back?
What's the plan for leveling in Legion content if you add a new class in the future?
Will they all be like demon hunters and start too high to worry, and if so, will there be a way to still level through the old legion content without the Assault Point Map in the order halls?
In addition to the 6 new races already established, what additional races/subraces will be added (and, more importantly, when should I mark on my calendar for murlocs to be playable?)
You mentioned a renewed emphasis on wPvP. What specific steps are you taking to tone down tank classes, and end one shot mechanics?
Will Baine and Ebonhorn/Ebyssian feature with Highmountain Tauren?
My Question is:
What is going to happen to all the cat skins and other skins we gained from our artifact grinds from legion? Will we still be able to acquire those skins?
Second Question:
Will there still be Legion world quest available when the new expansion is live. As in Example,being able to still complete content for the falcosaur mounts that require some of the pet WQ's?
Third question:
How big of a stat squish are we talking?..Hopefully not as hard as WoD..Bc made me feel puny after the power we had at end of MoP.
Who is the troll leader at the moment, since Vol'Jin is dead?
11/03/2017 11:40 PMPosted by Luciatan
Will the artifact weapon skins still be available as transmog options for our weapons in this expansion? Like if I want to transmog into the Ashbringer, for instance?

Yus, for hopefully the last damn time, YUS!
With Azshara name drop for a boss in the new expansion, will we see any mention of N'zoth?
Will the old world zones (Vanilla, BC, Northrend, etc.) be updated to have a singular story per zone - or at least a revamped leveling experience, like WoD and Legion - in the future with the scaling tech being introduced, or is it forever time-locked within Cataclysm's timeframe?
Why are some achievements and toys listed as hidden in-game by not showing up initially in the achievements (not talking about Feats of Strength) tab or toy journal until collected, etc? How are players supposed to discover such things if we do not know they even exist?
With artifacts gone, will we see 2h frost, SMfury, 2h WW, etc, come back? Currently most of them are intentionally broken.
Question 1
How much will we get to experience of the opposite faction's continent? For example, will alliance players get to spend a significant amount of time in Zandalar after reaching 120?

Question 2
Can we expect a new talent row for 120? Will classes obtain new abilities while leveling?
Will we ever see more class/race combos added in the future? Also, are the new Allied Races limited to the classes they can play as, or will every class available to its "original" be available? For example, could a Void Elf play as a druid since the night elves can, and will they have special forms if so?
What improvements are you making to improve the prestige of doing higher keys in mythic plus? Can there be feats of strength brought back for being server first again?
Will we ever see new specs for the current classes be added to the game? Dark rangers and shaman tanks, ftw.
For WOW Classic servers, will items looted be added to the transmog wardrobe, and thus be available account-wide? Thank you.
If I earn a title or gear from classic, does it carry over to the main game or are titles and gear specific to characters in true vanilla fashion?

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