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Will the ALliance taking EK and Horde taking Kalimdor reflect in the world? Will zones get some sort of revamp? Or Phasing?
Will we get more character slots for the new races?

With a new expansion on the way, will hunters get more stable space? Or could we get a better pet storage system, something like the battle pets or mount tabs, while still maintaining the need for the stable master.
Can we see a raising of the character [toon] limit per account? Many people are running up on the limit of 50.
Are we going to go back and visit some of the characters that we've left behind besides Thrall and Jaina?
Will we still be able to collect the artifact weapons on later characters after legion has ended?
With Kalimdor implied to be Horde and EK implied to be Alliance controlled, what happens to Quel'thalas and the Blood Elves, as well as the Draenei?
Will Retribution Paladins get a rework for the next expansion?
When choosing to level a new race to obtain heritage armor will I have ways to access my hidden appearances and challenge appearances on that new character or vice versa?
Will Hunters be able to get expanded stable slots and 'belt slots' for how many we can take with us at a time in the field?

Also, could we perhaps be able to summon directly from our entire stable and change the lineup that way? (Like how we have for battle pets)

I know it would negate stable masters but it seems like it would be nice to have as a talent.
How do Allied Races and class choice interact? Void Elf Demon Hunter/Druid? Highmountain Tauren Paladin? Lightforged Draenei Shaman?
I'd love for there to be some way our artifact weapons could be leveled with us, without constant grinding of artifact power. Is there any way of us not losing the weapon?
Any thoughts about bringing back reforging again since hit and expertise don't exist and not a concern to redo your gearset for every new piece of gear?

Currently the Crucible is exactly what the team were against and have to check and math out every new relic.
Some people have expressed concern (putting it lightly) that the Classic server project will interfere with the current version of the game. Can you confirm that there are two separate teams, and that one project won't hamper the other?

BTW, thanks SO MUCH for bringing the dream of an official Classic server to reality!
Regarding the 'Void Elf" allied race, 2 part question.

1) How exactly are they as a race not going insane from the sheer power of the void magic? Every other race that's even touched void magic has gone insane before in the past. In the Audio Drama it sounded as if Locus Walker was the only one who could master it, while Alleria was able to harness it at a great cost.

2) How can a race that uses void magic be allowed to join a faction that throughout it's existence worshiped the light. Both Humans and Draeni should be against something that's the natural enemy of the light. Velen and the army of light should be very aware of the dangers of Void Magic, so why would they allow Alleria to turn her own people into something that's possibly dangerous?
1) Are there going to be non fel corrupted orc sub races available?

How true is the WOW Classic experience going to be ? 2 hour hearthstone CD ? Goldfarmers killing all the mobs you need to complete a quest ? Mount being unaffordable and dungeons impossible to complete ?
Are there any plans to allow better customization of the regular playable races? Loving the new allied races but would be great to customize the older races to fit us better.
Will we get to use our artifact appearances for transmog onto other weapons?
If so, will they show up as normal wardrobe items?
When will you finally admit that Jaina is a Dreadlord?

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