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Will there be level 120 talents? How much overall class revision is planned? Will there be any big spec overhauls like Survival in Legion?
I'm really excited for everything. It looks really neat. The big question I have is, when will the new raid come out? ToS is getting stale and I feel like there isn't much gear progression I can make on the toons I play regularly. I'm a heroic raider and my main is almost 940 and I have two more above 930. I'm stuck running stuff hoping for titanforging rather than getting any real upgrades.

Will there be any changes on old Azeroth zone beside undercity/teldrassil?

What about silvermoon / exodar?

Earlier this expansion you mentioned "awesome" upcoming features for character customization, what are those and when can we expect them?

Thank you.
QUESTION: Are the Allied Race's class selection set in stone? I would really really really love to be a Void Elf Paladin! If they can be holy priests they whoudl be able to be paladins :P

Would you consider in Battle For Azeroth any new buff items like in Legion and other useful items like made into Toys once purchased please?

Reasoning and explanation:-

They can be gated behind rep to purchase but once bought and learned, they should be able to be used on any appropriate leveled character account wide.

This will not only solve the always dreaded problem of alts having to grind rep for those items again and again but also having few extra bag slots freed up is always a good thing.


Old-world leveling is receiving level-scaling, but I fail to see how this will fix outleveling expansions in the long-run; i.e. reaching level 60 before you're done with Silithus quests, thus overleveling you for the next expansion. What are your plans to offset and fix this?

Thank you.

P.S. my personal suggestion would be to cut off experience gain from an expansion's content once you've reached that expansions level cap; i.e. once you've reach 60, no vanilla content would give you experience, so you could do all of vanilla and not be overleveled.
Question, in regard to druid artifact skins gained through legion, will these skins be made available to newly started allied races? if not will Mage tower skins still be able to be obtained?
Will we also lose the abilities of our Underlight Angler with the artifact changes? All fisherman will literally shed a tear if this happens or if we don't get some similar version going forward.
Currently mounts in game scale up to accommodate Tauren, however Trolls are pretty tall, but their mounts do not scale up to fit their model. A lot of mounts look rather silly for a Troll - Example: I finally got the Headless Horseman's Mount, and I look like I am holding the horse's neck instead of reins.

So my question: Can we please get proper size mount scaling for Trolls? Especially since Zandalari Trolls will be playable.

Old-world leveling is receiving level-scaling, but a level 15 player matched against a level 15 NPC is still unbalanced in favor of the player, causing combat to be too easy even when evenly matched. Will low-level combat be adjusted to make leveling less of a stomp for the player?

Thank you.
What happens to RP servers if we're taking away the labels for PvP and PvE servers? Are we all just labeled simply as servers or will there still be a distinction for RP realms and Normal realms?
Will the auction house be getting a revamp?
I love the conflict of the Alliance and Horde, but it often provokes a lot of toxicity in the community. How do you plan to keep the community of Warcraft together while driving a wedge between the factions?

FURTHER EXPLANATION: I'm mostly concerned about some of the language used on reddit and similar places. Since the first chapter of Before the Storm was posted, I've seen Alliance players on Reddit call the Horde "subhuman" and call for the Undercity "to be gassed". And... that makes me feel really uncomfortable, and I'm worried I'm going to have to deal with that sort of rhetoric for the next two years.

Do you have plans to address stuff like that?
Any news on warlock casting animations? Will we be seeing them someday soon?

With the removal of artifact weapons, a lot of classes will feel and seem as if they have an iconic ability that is missing from their arsenal. I understand artifacts where mainly to defeat the legion, but a lot of the abilities have become key parts of players play styles. How does the developer team plan to deal with the removal of these Artifact Abilities?

Example: Balance Druid - Full Moon, Fire Mage - Phoenix's Flames
1. What will happen to Guardian Druids ability to wield FIST weapons, will we still be able to dual wield them?

2. What will happen to the HATI pet that beast master hunter's have, will it be baked into talents or will it we no longer have it?

3. How will the appearences we earned through our artifacts be added to our transmog sets?

4. Will beast master hunters finally be given a system to carry pets like the mount system or battle pet system?

5. What will happen to the DRUID start zone, Darnassus will it still be accessible using sharding? (Time travel?)

6. Many people who have been playing since vanilla already have 11 toons on their main server, and probably have a secondary account as well, with more.
Will you remove the character limits per server?
Allow us to create at least 15-25 characters per server, this way we can't have one of every option if we choose to.
Thank you for adding Zandalar. It looks like an amazing continent, and is a place that I've been really wanting to explore for a long time.

My question is regarding possible new allied races: Will Forest Trolls be playable at some stage? And will there be any existing race customization added? Such as being able to create sand or dark trolls through new hair styles/skin colours, or having beards and tattoos etc added.
With Zandalari and Saurok appearances in the reveals, will we be seeing any Mogu or Pandaren, i.e. Zandalari aligned or factionless Pandaten?

A part of the expansion deals with Blood Trolls, a serpent esque kingdom, and loa - do Hakkar and Quetzalcoatl have any ties into that?

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