856 Prot Pally LFG

Guild Recruitment
856 Prot Pally
708 Holy Priest (in the works)
Veteran Player from Vanilla returning after quitting when Cata came out.
1. Mon-Tues All day PST
Wed-Sun 11pm-4am PST
2. Server preference: Gilneas, Ysera (willing to transfer to a more time appropriate server)
3. Faction preference: Horde
4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: semi-hardcore
5. Current progression/experience: All expansions up to Cata, All legion dungeons on heroic.
6. Recent logs (if available):
8. Anything else: Prefered roles: Tank, Healer
I have experience as an avid guild officer and raid leader.
Howdy Gingineer,

We are an alliance guild a a different server, but figured I would drop a comment just in case. Let me know if you want to chat.

Disgruntled of Stormrage is a casual raiding guild, currently 7/9H. We are adult only with a sense of humor to match, so if you like to laugh your way through a raid then we might be the guild for you. Our typical raider is looking for a fun group to game with, not a second job. Most have kids and jobs and you know a life outside of the game, but know their stuff and can perform their role superbly.

We raid Heroic Wednesday and Friday 9-Midnight Server. Normal either Monday or Tuesday 9-Midnight.

We do organized M+ on the weekends (I post at least one calendar invite, then help put the groups together on our VOIP).

For the full details:

FYI, we don't plan to do mythic (unless we all get bored before Antorus :) )

Feel free to hit me up on BNET (Voden#1335). We like to have people listen in on our raids before joining so they know they can get a feel for our community. Hit me up tonight or next week and if you would like to do that.

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