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I've invited everyone up to this point.

We are still growing and would love to add new friends to our community. If anyone is interested, feel free to add me in-game and/or in Discord.



btag: Worgbane#1877
Discord: Worgbane#9655
Hey everyone.

I've been subscribed to WoW for almost a year now, about the longest that I've been subscribed without taking a break. I live in the middle of nowhere so WoW seemed like a realistic alternative to both play a game that I like and to make friends. I've always been a 'solo' player though, struggling with social anxiety and personal qualms to create lasting relationships with others. I've spent the past ~5 months trying to change that and I will continue to do so, but it isn't easy a lot of the time.

I was recently asked how I would define 'friendship' and, while I think that it's important to be able to take hard but honest criticism, believing in (and caring about) people - especially when they can't do this for themselves - is also important to me.

I hail from a roleplay server (the community is incredibly nice) and play mostly Horde but I also have an Alliance alt that I enjoy playing. There's still a lot that I'm trying to learn but I want to be able to do that and enjoy the journey with friends, if you still have room.

Battletag: ParagonFound#1569
Discord: ParagonFound#3839
10/11/2017 02:50 PMPosted by Worgbane
Empty friend list, empty btag list, empty guild or no one ever online, uneasy starting conversation. There are way too many to list all the reasons why most of us play alone.

Unfortunately, as most of us know, finding nice people has become a bit of an issue due to the toxic behaviour of a very small portion of the player base. Most of us just stay quiet for fear of getting kicked out by those disruptive kids, or insulted, and so on.

I've started a community on Discord and hoping to find more like-minded people interested in joining us. You know, people who can speak in full sentences, people who don't need to swear every 2nd word, people who can go for hours without insulting others, people who actually like to help out, etc... In short, a nice community.

No need to transfer toons, to reroll, or change anything you do. We get together on Discord to chit-chat (mostly text), or to form groups, to get help or to help out. If you are as bored of playing alone as some of us are, feel free to join us. Everyone is welcomed, regardless of faction, level, ilvl, experience, etc.

Please post your btag in here and I will check the thread regularly to add you. By posting in here, others may also friend you or you can friend some and you'll gather your own list of friends.
If you prefer not putting your info in here, you can contact me directly on btag or in Discord.

Looking forward to meeting some of you soon.



btag: Worgbane#1877
Discord: Worgbane#9655

I sent you a request in Discord, since I'm not really one of those people that likes to give my discord or btag info in forums (bad experiences with spam and the like really). This is a really great idea, and one I'm really interested in.

@everyone else
I'm returning to WoW (well, returned really...) after a Hiatus with the xpac but I'm finding myself drifting now... The social aspect is really what I go for most, and even though I tend to play solo most of the time, I'd love to find a guild or community that's active and actually friendly. I'm pretty intimidated by the ones out there spewing ads (I'd love to do casual raiding... but I'm more interested in a social guild and it doesn't seem to be a popular choice).

Mostly - just looking for a nice group to play with. I main Horde, but I'm honestly interested in the Kul Tiran druids so I'm thinking of starting an Alliance toon to grind that rep out, and would love to find an alliance based guild for that. But, anyways.

I love this idea! I've been a part of something like this before, but life caused it to fall through for me. Second times the charm. :S
Returning hardcore player here after 9 year break, but all my friend and past guild quit the game, looking for new friends and a regular group to do new low level mythic+ just to get my feet wet. Not too impressed with some of the toxic behavior that I've seen while pugging, hoping to meet mature, friendly people to do stuff together.

my bnet id is bubblegumbo#11395 , would like you join your discord community
I started playing again when Battle for Azeroth launched after leaving in 4.1, and I think I'll be playing for a while. I don't really talk much but I'd be interested in this Discord community. I play Emerald Dream (this tauren and a 120 human mage), but might move if I find a high/full pop EST server.

BattleNet - BadFoxtrot#1692
Discord - BadFoxtrot#5017
I just friend requested you in discord worgbane. Falhart#3828 thank you!
Hi everyone,

Another weekend is upon us and what better way to spend it playing your favorite game with friends?

I've just invited the latest posters, but we still would like to grow more. If you are still playing solo, or sitting in an empty guild, no need to be alone anymore.

Join our community, so you'll have more people to chat with and to play your favorite game with.

Have a great weekend everyone,


btag: Worgbane#1877
Discord: Worgbane#9655
This is cool. I have a couple 120’s Horde and Alli. Would like more non toxic like minded friends to group with.

Btag Justis#1840
As someone whose friends have largely stopped playing the game years ago, this sounds like a pretty awesome group. I'm not overly social, but I do miss playing this game with chill people. I've got toons on both factions, so count me in :)

btag: notanexit#1491
discord: not-an-exit#8407
Love this. Never have had many friends IRL play WoW and this sounds like my cup of tea.

discord: BigJessT#7951
It’s been a long while for me but I was tempted to jump in and give it another try. Haven’t really played seriously since WOTLK; briefly came back when WoD launched but got overwhelmed with all the new changes and got bored playing alone. It felt like a completely different game for me then and it does even more so now. A nice, laid back community sounds like the perfect thing that might actually make me stick around for longer this time. It would be great to see you all and have a chat in-game!

btag: N0ct#1694
discord: n0ct#2080

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