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Hey all!

In preparation for the inevitable influx of threads about the timing changes for the Wow reset, I figured I'd put this out there for informational sake and posterity's sake.

Earlier this morning we came off Daylight Saving Time and returned to Standard Time. However, the Wow reset does not take local time changes into account: it is always at 15:00 UTC (and UTC doesn't time change). What that means is that starting today, the usual Wow reset is going to occur an hour earlier then it had been before. So for example, for me in EST, instead of 1100 am the reset will now be at 1000 am.

So in reality, the reset time never changes through out the year, only our clocks do.

Sometimes you can hear about the reset occurring at 15:00 GMT which is also accurate because UTC and GMT time line up with each other. UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is a global standard; it's the same UTC time everywhere on the earth. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is a time zone like all the rest around the world, but it just happens to fall on the same time as UTC.

Hope everyone enjoyed their extra hour of sleep!
I just got up an hour early anyway.

Thanks for the info!
Now I have to adjust my PvP world quests routine...
The time change has no effect on my reset...still both 8am local/ server time.

I luv u
Come to sunny Arizona where the scorpions sting and the roadrunners sing also we stay same time all year.
Gul'Dan: This... was not our destiny...
Garrosh: Times Change...
Thank you for this reminder. I had a few things I wanted to do before 11, which I rushed to get done before 10 instead.

It does suck, however, that now I won't be able to squeeze in an extra 500 Honor PvP quest after work anymore - I usually get home at 4:30 and I could get it done before the 5PM change, but that won't work for me anymore.
11/05/2017 05:50 AMPosted by Pryde
Now I have to adjust my PvP world quests routine...

I still haven't figured out whether the time change is good for me or bad for me.
i liked living in Arizona (where they don't do DST) and now am currently living in a country that hasn't tried daylight savings time since last century

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