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hold up, when you guys say class balancing you mean that BS where the tank can heal and the healer can tank that wow did? Yeah, not classic. That would destroy a classic server. A huge part of what made classic good was that you NEEDED a cleric, or druid, and you NEEDED a tank class, to do dungeons and raids, and god forbid you even needed help leveling!. Making every class able to do anything has no place on a classic server. The fact that a cleric cant tank doesnt mean the (priest sorry I havent played wow in forever) Priest is broken, that wasnt supposed to be its role.

Anyway, im down with a classic server if its actually classic. The stuff I see as OK to fix is stuff like quests that didnt work, bugged out, had no end. Things like oh you fall through the zone and get stuck at such and such. Item/gold duping exploits. Stuff like that could and should be fixed IMO. Other than that keep it classic, thats the entire point of a classic server. The fact that every class can do everything is the very reason I don't play modern wow (although the new leveling fix is bringing me back for a try, unlike apparently most people, the experience of leveling my character is the most important for me, not end game raiding and pvp)

Personally Id love to see a progression server also, I never got to experience classic raiding,up to and including the wrath of the litch king stuff, it looks so cool! I played from beta in wow I just never got to raiding level until i came back in cata and started over.
Sorry OP.

As has been stated, in Classic WoW each class had a place. Raids were balanced around bringing a certain number of each class to the raid to do their specific job. If you change what the classes can do, you no longer have Classic WoW, nor classic raiding. Since you believe that raiding is the be-all and end-all of WoW, then you need to embrace this fact.

If you want to raid as a ret pally, stick with Live. If I want to raid as a boomkin, I will raid on Live. In Classic, the ONLY thing druids were good for was healing. I was a healer from birth to level 60. Some days I was sick of healing and I will be honest, when TBC dropped they broke druids so that if I wanted to do any questing at all I had to change my spec. I went Boomkin & didn't really look back, although now I do remember fondly always being invited to things because I could heal (and I was damned good at it too).

About the only improvement that I agree with is upgrading the graphics. Not necessarily the changes to the models (I should have specified that in another thread where I mentioned this) but just more pixels everywhere. Back then, we didn't have such good hardware so the game looked fine but with better hardware it really will look awful if it's released with the old pixel counts. Oh and a better launch/patch days, I was not present at launch but I heard horror stories. I did experience long queues and stopped even trying to log in on Tuesdays/Tuesday & Wednesdays due to unplayability. That's it though, I will be ok with leveling a druid as a healer once again. :D
I'm with OP on this one. I've been in and out of the private server scene and the only thing keeping me from investing in vanilla specifically is lack of balance integrity. TBC has always taken the best parts of vanilla and fixed almost all of the faults it had.

Vanilla and TBC are defined through their gameplay, not the balance. Jeff Kaplin had a great statement that was along the lines of 'numbers tuning didn't make vanilla vanilla'.

If the gameplay pacing is the same, and class utiltiy is unique, I see no reason to balance out damage or add basic damaging abilities for the specs that don't have them. Slow leveling, searching for players in chats for dungeons, 60 man raids, professions mattering, etc all of these aspects make vanilla a good experience.

Giving Ret Crusader Strike or shamans a way to maintain mana wouldn't do anything to alter the overall experience in vanilla.

If class changes aren't made, we'll see 40+% of the playerbase on warrior, just like every private server ever.
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Seems everyone has a different idea of what 'small change' is fine for them.

Does that mean prot paladins should be able to tank raids? Disc priests heal just as well as holy? Fire mages be viable in mc?

That's why Classic should stay as close to retail Vanilla as possible. You change something because it's a "small change" for that person, then other people will want their "small changes" to be put in too.

It wouldn't be long after until it'd be Classic in name only.

I just want all of the original content back

I don't mind if the game will be easier to play like it is now
the game is balanced in legion. go play that.
You lost me at "changes to class balance"
Vanilla servers should be the same as the good old wow. There shouldn't be any changes to races/classes/skills. However, I wouldn't mind to have the LFG experience (that's my personal opinion). It would be kind of awkward to have people spam for tanks in town. At least for 5 man dungeons.

OP dwarf priest with fear ward, one shot tier 2 elemental shaman in BGs, tauren warrior tanks, etc. Btw fire mage is definitely viable in raids, even though frost is better.

Don't bring back old memories if you are going to destroy them.

Super excited about vanilla servers!

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