How many alts have you abandoned?

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09/25/2017 10:22 PMPosted by Opalurael
About 230 level 20 druids

Do you have a pile of them on multiple account or something? Because there's a max of 50 characters.
I've abandoned most of them. There's so much to do and so much I still haven't done or completed from previous expansions (been playing since Wrath) that I've just given up on them and go at my own pace.

It's also deterred me from purchasing any future expansions because I still have so much to do and can't justify the cost. It's out of my budget range at this point and I'm still stuck in older content.

I haven't even done WoD Pathfinder, let alone Legion Pathfinder.
I have every class except for a Warrior... who made it to something like 14 before I decided I hated it and deleted it...

Runner up is a druid, who I used my free 100 boost on before Legion and basically never touched.

Shaman/Hunter/Mage/Monk/Paladin/DK all got left behind at 100 transitioning from WoD->Legion, since it's massively less alt-friendly of an expansion.... Also special shout out to the Shaman in particular, the only class that I've actually been frustrated enough with to DELETE it multiple times.

Legion I've got Lock/DH/Rogue/Shadow at 110, and I run them though the pvp towers for Garri resources and that's about it.... Basically only play the Lock anymore, though I try and keep the DH prestige capped since it's the only one at current season levels.
I only play this one character. So I have no complaints about alts or whatever.
None. I deleted my alts.
09/26/2017 12:43 AMPosted by Supercell
None. I deleted my alts.

I logged onto my Hunter, and started flying over to Broken Shore to do some work on his mount quest. I started thinking about all the stupid quests like "kill a 100 Demons" and then "kill another 100 demons" and logged out halfway between Dalaran and Broken shore.

THis is a very boring expansion for alts. The content was cool the first time but doing this stuff twice is awful because it wasnt that great the first time.
I have my 12 on the server I am active on, and 40+ at various levels in active across the many servers I have been on.

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