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Looking for a Leveling Guild on Thrall Server but willing to change servers if needed. Im by no means an expert at WOW but have played on and off for the past 7 yrs. I know basics and can handle my own when it comes down to it for the most part. I am open to critiquing as to better myself and gameplay. Looking for semi casual play im online nearly everyday. so any direction is greatly appreciated thx
Helloooooo Yneraianke,

We're a pretty welcoming guild with active players...perhaps we would be a good fit for you while you level / when you reach max level. See below for my spiel.

<IMMORTALS> is a 2/9M guild currently looking for raiders to fill our current roster for Mythic! And you sir, sound like the perfect candidate =) We have been around as a guild for just short of three years, but we've been raiding as a team for much longer than that. We're a laid back group who likes to kill things and try to have fun doing so. Our raids run Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 8pm - 11pm PST. We have also added an off-night casual raiding on Wednesdays and Sunday (Fundays) for alts / members that may still need gear (these are completely voluntary). That means you can gear up in our heroic / normal runs until you feel you're ready for Mythics on your toon ;)

You can add my btag (Validas#1299) or our raid leader Skarlettx's (Lakota#1563). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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