Cenarius Server Merge!

I think it is time to let our voices be heard. If you are anything like me I'm sure you can agree Cenarius is in dire need of help. I have been on Cenarius for many years and it is near and dear to my heart. It is one of those servers that I consider to be Legendary. Cenarius has been around since the start and in the past has seen high capacity but now sees very low activity. Guilds are struggling and the economy is at an all-time low. Most guilds and players have transferred to high population servers except for those few that are hopeful that we will see a fix. In the most recent live Q&A Ion and Hazzikostas mentioned that techs are finally tying up the loose ends on server merging and are looking for servers to try it out on. I am 100% positive that Cenarius is that server that needs to be merged. So, my hope is that this post will be the voice or the light that Cenarius needs. We are asking that Blizzard please try it on Cenarius and merge our server! A simple post with “I agree” to show your support will get our voice out there. Also if we can please get a response from a blue post touching on our concern thank you.

Your old friend QQless
I agree. Buying stuff on AH is ridiculous on Cenarius. One week flasks will be like 700G, then someone will buy them all and flip them for like double that. Cenarius is indeed a legendary server with a lot of history. We deserve better.
Cenarius has been my home realm for a long time. I remember Friday nights raiding back in the day and we'd be high population with no shortage of players. I think we should merge with lightbringer, it's another 2004 PVE, Pst realm that use to be high pop, now it appears it's low pop. Im pretty sure it's in the same data center as well.

But any similar realm in need would do. The economy is struggling and like Q said, recruiting is tough and can potentially be a detriment to the entire realms progression. Merging servers would be great for Cenarius and so many realms like it. People who didnt want to transfer and unsubbed because no one wants to be on a "dead realm" would hopefully return as well. Being a launch realm I hope Blizzard can help us restore Cenarius to what we know it can be.

I agree.
It's always a challenge trying to keep a guild's population high with active members. Cenarius has had such a small pool of people to recruit from for a very long time. I think our server would benefit from merging so that we can progress further into the xpacs and seasons. Thanks for considering our server.
I agree!!!!!!!!
i agree. been waiting for it since they announced it last blizzcon
I'd be very happy with a server merge as long as it's not with low pop servers cause that's not really going to help anything but I agree, Cenarius deserves some attention.
We've been in need of a sever merge since MOP imo.
We just recently lost our rank 1 raiding guild on our server (AK) due to low server activity. This guild was Cenarius last life line, they helped to bring players to our server and now they've decided to transfer off... No guild should have to try to round up hundreds of dollars to move all of there guild members to a server that has players on it, this is getting out of hand... It would be nice if we could get some insight on this from a blue post. Actually it would be nice if we could just get merged already. What's it going to take to get heard Blizzard?
I'm all for getting a merge for Cenarius. i only started playing WOW back when MoP came out and i chose this server because i liked being in a med-low pop server since back then i only played dungeon and open world content mostly, i only recently got into serious guild raiding and being in a progression guild ive seen the problems that the server has when going into mythic raiding when there is a specified group size that is required. getting a server merge can help open us up to players on other servers who want to do mythic raiding but can't find spots on established rosters or smaller guild who are trying to recruit for their own rosters.
I've been on cenarius since bc and it could use more pop for sure.
not sure if that would require 3 or 4 low pop servers to merge.
would be nice to have.
I've had my first ever toon Holyfall on Cenarius since I bought the game back in December of 2005. I've moved some characters around, played on several other servers, but Cenarius will always be the home to some of my fondest memories in WoW. Whether it was a great memory such as finally receiving my mount, or a terrible one such as walking on foot all the way from South Shore to Scarlet Monastary, it was done here. Seeing the realm which was home to several legendary guilds and players over the years become a desolate world is quite sad. Solely based off of the history of this original realm, it deserves a server merger to finally restore it to the glory it once had.
Asked about a server merge for us for the Q&A: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759181158?page=4#post-75

Upvote it please!
I agree Cenarius needs to be merged. The officers in Darkest Hour have been working hard just to keep the numbers for us to continue doing mythic raids.
I have two characters on this server and can't afford to transfer them right now.

I logged on tonight, a Friday night, and there are less than 400 level 110s online. This server is dead and, I agree, it's super depressing.

Please merge.
Do what I did and transfer your main to a high pop. Problem solved.
Gearscore players should not have to pay more money on top of what we pay already.
12/08/2017 11:10 AMPosted by Qqless
Gearscore players should not have to pay more money on top of what we pay already.

People still pay with real money?
I agree our Server needs a merger, Both the Strongest progression guild AK left the server because of inability to get new players as well as the largest social guild on the server Misfits of Lordearon.
Go and up vote this question about server merge. maybe they can answer it!


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