[H] Deaths Dark Raiders is recruiting!

Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
DDR is one of the largest Horde guilds on Feathermoon-Scarlet Crusade and we are looking for more active players to fill our roster.

Your character level and WoW experience are not important - new players and characters are welcome. If you are the GM of a small, struggling guild of friends we would love to hear from you.

If you are 110 we have an active raid team that is always looking for dependable players. We are 9/9N and 1/9H, but are mostly gearing in Argus to prepare for the next patch. Raids are current Friday & Saturday nights starting @ 7pm server.

Message me or Rastafaria anytime for more info, and always: free lockpicking for everyone.
it seems people are having trouble catching us. please /who deaths dark raiders to get an invite. we are usually on alts. sorry for the mixup
May be interested! DAVEEE!
I'll be on tonight at 7.

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