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I took last tier off and my guild has disbanded, so I'm looking for a new guild for the new tier coming out. I've been playing since vanilla, and consider myself to be a highly skilled player.

My requirements:
- 6:30PM or later PST start time
- US 200 or higher

Logs from Nighthold:

[A]<Reverse Counterplay> is a recently formed semi-hardcore raiding guild comprised of an extremely efficient raiding core comprised of players that previously raided in <Gloryhogs> of Smolderthorn and <The Exiled> of Arthas. Our focus is on Mythic and Mythic+ content.

We are looking to build up our roster and truly focus on Antorus. A majority of our roster is comprised of working professionals that are former top 100 raiders, and we are looking for more like-minded people to add to our core.

Due to some members of our core having alternating work schedules every week, we switch back and forth in a Week A and Week B format.

Raid times
Week A: Wednesday and Thursday 5:30-9 PM ET
Week B: Tuesday and Friday 5:30-9 PM ET.
We have members on at and running M+ and other content at all times of the day usually.

Current Progression:
Tomb of Sargeras: Mythic 1/9M Heroic 9/9H

Recruitment Needs All classes will be considered, we do believe in "bringing the player." Currently the following spots are readily available:
Healer: Resto Shaman, Holy Paladin, Disc/Holy Priest.
Melee DPS: Warrior, Enh Shaman.
Ranged DPS: Boomkin, Spriest, Ele Shaman, Warlock, Hunter.

Some additional background on us, where we come from, and our atmosphere:

Our original core is roughly 10 people that have been gaming together for a long time. Most of us came together during Mists of Pandaria in the guild <Gloryhogs> on Smolderthorn, where we achieved US 133 Garrosh on our 7 hour raid schedule, which put us at about the 3rd most efficient Garrosh kill in the US. We continued raiding into early Warlords, and cleared through H Blackhand and a few Mythic bosses before we finally began to disband due to a lack of leadership (Our GM/Raid Leader and some officers never returned for WoD, and our Co-GM quit during the first tier). Nevertheless, we did make some interesting marks such as US 14 Butcher.

In the time since, some continued to raid and some of us continued to play together in our venues (HoTS, Overwatch, PUBG, etc.) and we continue to play together both inside and outside of WoW. With us, you can expect consistency if nothing else. We have a light-hearted and welcoming atmosphere, farm runs are full of banter but we like to tighten down during progression content.

If this seems like the type of group you want to be a part of, or would like additional info please contact one of the following people. We prefer a brief chat in voice as opposed to a lengthy application so that both parties and get a better sense of how good the fit would be.

inderoath#1873 (GM)
Vbrown#11775 (Raid Leader)

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