Ligtweave Bandage

Why is there no recipe for this?

With healthstones providing a flat 25% instant healing, at least a million+ health for most of us and health pots doing an instant 1m health, the 528k over 8 seconds from a silk weave splint is pretty anemic.

The reason why no one works up first aid is because bandaging sucks. Why has it been forgotten?
I was just going to make a post about this. Definitely seems to be an oversight to add Astral Healing Potion to update Ancient Healing Potion, but no Lightweave Bandage to update Silkweave Splint. Silkweave Splint is incredibly outdated atm.
As for the Lightweave bandages doesn't seem to be happening. Probably due to Lightweave cloths drop rate.
The drop rate is perfectly fine if you're a tailor. I've got over 2k

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