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please do not wall of spam without first putting something letting me know you read something of my post aside from tank LFG ty in advance.

im looking for alliance only and due to the nature of my current guilds high turn over rate and lack of leadership im looking for a new guild to call home. have exp tanking high end and casual but looking for more of a progressive oriented guild that feels like home and not raid loggers.

looking to raid weekdays and not weekends but 1 day on the weekend could be doable, times vary but not looking to end later than about 2am EST.

transfer would need to be covered and can explain if needed.

have been raiding killing every end boss before next major content patch exp release since vanilla taking a break in mop to come back towards end of wod to continue in same direction.

if interested add me or jump into my discord
Btag: Demonaty#1149
Discord: https://discord.gg/5SPfJq3
Hi Silkostrasz, if you're looking for something a bit more lax, Ad Astra may be the guild for you, our guild has only been together for a year and we've cleared all of the content last tier, we raid Sundays/Mondays 8:30-12 AM EST (7:30-11PM CST).
We are looking for a bear for the rest of ToS and onward to Antorus, https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20756835953 for more information, if interest please contact me! Jason#18938
talking with a few and 2 trials set up
looking for quality guilds
Hello silkostrasz,
We are on Proudmoore, just like you, and are in need of a tank. We are looking for someone who not only knows his class, but is looking for a long term home. We raid Mythic on T,Th,&M. 7-10 server. We are currently 5/9M. We have a mixture of members from all over, guildies that run M+ nightly, weekly heroic alt runs, and AP grinders aplenty.

If you are interested in chatting, my btag: karmajenn#1675
up up up
still looking atm
Hey there Silkotrasz. I read your post and it sounds like Re Lapse would be a great fit for you. We are very interested in recruiting a tank. Like you, our goal is also to clear the mythic content before the release of the next everytime. We've been doing it since the guild's inception during Siege of Orgrimmar, with some issues with Helya and Guldan this tier due to raider burnout.

ANyway, there is a slight concern on the raid days, depends if you consider Friday a weekday.

Here's the basic information:

Re Lapse is on US - Korgath Alliance side
We raid on F & S from 8 pm CST to midnight CST. We never add any raid days or times outside of this.
We are currently 6/9M in ToS, with Maiden dying at some point this weekend.

Feel free to add me at rutenio#1912 if you're interested!
" I'm mary poppins ya'll "
haven't found the right fit so still looking

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