Shout out to the Azuremyst server

Azuremyst and Staghelm
Part 2

I was more of an lone wolf but there were a few I did end up playing with.)

A shout out too those I knew in TBC and Azuremyst that helped me when I first started then In return I tried too help. And yes I know some of them won't read this actually most wont.)

Marybrave-Night elf hunter MM with a pet hyena ( Helped me alot, Even helped me get my flyer had a lot of fun earning that gold to repay them lol, Also helped me tame one of my favorite pets in WoW it took us 7 days of camping checking hourly bad luck on our end lol. ).

Loveit/Loveeit-Night elf hunter ( can't remember their pet and again helped me alot when I first started also introduced me too my first end game raid . ) ( They left Azuremyst early with their guild I didn't get the name of the server they transfered too :* ( .) I was going to make a character on their new server and play both servers.

Paladn- Human paladin ( I used to watch this player win duels naked. ).

Stealth- Gnome rogue ( A level 19 twink I used to watch duel they had the shadowfang/assassins blade combo and could beat some level 40's in duels. )

Noguard- Human paladin ( One crazy tank if it could be pulled it was pulled. ).

Trinity- Human mage ( This mage was the first one too teach me NOT to jack with a fire mage itching too cast that devastating 6 sec Pyroblast, We also grinded and farmed alot together. ).

GreenBean- Raptor ( My buddy ole pal was with me for so many battles and almost my whole journey he will forever miss Tear his racial that bled his opponents. ).

VileSting- Level 35 rare scorpion in Thousand Needles ( Took me a week to tame that dang scorpion but was worth it became my 2nd in command for pets, Thank you for helping me tame him Marybrave ^_^. ) And yes I still have that scorpion I made sure too keep him well fed lol and I did not abandon him either. ).

Yes I added my pets...I am a dwarf hunter darn it back off !

OBC guild- ( The only guild I was apart of we didn't raid or any thing and it was a very small guild but still I am OBC for life now. And we most likely were not really popular or known lol. ).

My apologies if I have missed any one.

So for those that look at Azuremyst as a dead server yes it is but at a time it was more alot more...It was a home for us players that chose Azuremyst it did have it's good and bad yes we even had "trolls", But for me I wouldn't of changed any thing.

My characters

Trexobc- Dwarf hunter Bm/Survival hybrid that used melee as much as my gun and was my main for the longest of time.

Rexdruidobc- Night elf druid Feral had alot of fun trying to cap flags in the 60 bracket lol.

Snowagumon- Dwarf warrior Prot/Fury hybrid ( I remember at level 30 practicing tanking by fighting the level 35 forsaken courier and 4 guards in arathi highlands died a few times but I was able to finally win I still think of that as an achievement lol. ).

Reptile- Human warlock Demo/Dest hybrid ( Fel hunter will always be my favorite demon ).

Frozendragon- Gnome mage Frost/fire/arcane Hybrid ( One of my favorites was so fun being able to pyroblast a frozen target too get that extra crit. ).

Pulunpa- Dwarf rogue Assassination/Combat ( Had a lot of fun on this one as well applying bleeds and hiding lol. ).

Icetrey- Draenei Shaman Enhancement ( Tied for my actual favorite character I loved 2H shaman in TBC this character was a 49 "twink" with the kang of the decapitator. Now I have a Dwarf Shammy with that axe at 49 just sitting. And now this shammy is 110. ).

I doubt many know any of them characters but meh I thought I would share my characters on Azuremyst.

So thank you blizzard and Azuremyst for giving me these memories, And even if Azuremyst gets sucked into another server and loses its name the server shall be remembered!

Thanks for reading and I apologize for it being so long.

I do not mind if some one wants to use this forum to give a shout out to their friends from Azuremyst that may not play any more, Maybe one day they will read it ^_^
I guess seeing Azuremyst this low in population caused me to create this forum.

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