Possibly looking at merge/xfer

Muradin and Nordrassil
Have a roster of 10-12 looking at moving a guild to a lower pop server to push mythic content currently 6/9 Mythic looking for more who would be willing or looking at also xfering to a lower population server who are geared and mythic ready. Testing the waters and pushing for realm/server first and showing that lower pop servers also can push current and clear mythic content, most of us have raided with each other since wrath just tired of high population servers add B-Tag oicu812#1947 Discord smashzero
#9346, looking at 2-3 nights a week 9-12cst raid times, pst for more info
You have found a friend in BigM. Our insanity has a few people who are mythic ready, probably 5-6 who are solid for most mythic bosses. Give us a holler if you do indeed, xsfer here.
We certainly could use the people. We have a solid team of raiders ready for mythic, but the main issues is getting people to show up to raids. Having to pull people from some of the other guilds on the realm has been a poor alternative when trying to get Mythic going.

With your team of 10-12 we might have a formidable team to bring up this low pop mess of a realm :p Bigmobility and Dreathhammer are good people to reach out to for more information, as I'm sure you have.

Looking forward for to see more skilled raiders on the realm!

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