[H][Tich]938 Havoc DH 7/9M LF guild

Guild Recruitment
Times available & time zone: Pacific Time 8pm - 1pm(for raiding)

Server preference: Tichondrius

Faction preference: Horde

Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-hardcore

Current progression/experience: 7/9 M ToS

Recent logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/tichondrius/sôûl
Mistress parse is trash cause i only had 1 pull and no practice on it, aswell as pretty much no practice on host

Contact info: Bnet: Soul#14300 Discord: Soul#3461

Anything else: If a guild wants me to switch realms/factions they need to pay for it.
still looking!
still looking
still looking for a guild.

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