Our Insanity - Mythic Raiding!

Muradin and Nordrassil
We are looking for COMPETENT dps to join our mythic raiding team and/or people for our secondary raid team (backups to the mythic team). We will accept players who are currently not the best, but are looking to improve to a higher standard and want to maximize their potential.

For weeks we have been trying to accumulate twenty consistent people for mythic.
We want to progress and gear to remain competitive in pve, but are barred from this due to a lack of people. We were first on realm for the Heroic Kj kill, and we want to continue on our journey. There is great potential for our realm to score some mythic kills. However. we either need to consolidate our numbers/group up our top raiders or recruit more people off the realm to migrate here. At this moment, it is in everyone's best interest to collaborate with either Our insanity on the alliance side or Boned on the horde. It would be nice to have more people in our guild, but we emphasize the loyalty people hold toward their guilds. We, Our Insanity, want to see progression and more people having the chance to receive mythic loot.

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