928 ilvl Demon Hunter LF raiding guild.

Guild Recruitment
Server: Cho'Gall (willing to xfer)

LF a guild to raid heroic TOS and progress in mythics.
Have completed heroic and have good knowledge of fights and mechanics.
Alt Tabbed [H] - Wyrmrest Accord is recruiting for Heroic Tomb of Sargeras and Antorus, come release.

The guild was formed initially as an incredibly casual guild between friends, then transitioned into raiding as Legion started. We've gotten Ahead of the Curve with each raid tier, and considered stepping into mythic on Sundays instead of farming content until the new content dropped.


Raid Schedule:
Saturday (9p-12a Central Time)
Sunday (7:30p-9:30p Central Time)

Melee DPS (Warrior, Death Knight, Monk, or Demon Hunter) - High Priority
Ranged DPS (All Classes) - High Priority
Tank (Druid, Monk, Warrior, Demon Hunter) - Low Priority
Healer (Priest, Monk, Shaman) - Medium Priority

Snow (BTag UmiSagara#1691) (Discord Snow#0992)
Hello Poonboy, We are looking for a dps for our core mythic ToS and into Antorus we might be the guild for you. Please add our Btag below let's talk.

WE have been called to battle. WE must journey into the very heart of the Burning Legion's stronghold to undertake a desperate mission. Succeed, and Azeroth may at last know peace; fail, and all will burn.
WARNING :This may cause the following side effects : Delusions of invincibility , Hair loss, muscle spasms, uncontrollable ranting and eye twitching. This has not been FDA approved

<Two Camels in a Tiny Car >
We our a guild of raiders that have been raiding together for a little over 5 years now. We treat each other like family and respect one another. When it comes time to raid we all log on knowing it's going to be 3 hours of FUN. We laugh,joke around, have music playing while we raid and kill bosses for lootz. We work well together on new bosses everyone can contribute to the strat. Like I said we ALL have been raiding for years. The age of members range from 20's to mid 50's so you will not find a PG rating in this guild, although we keep things respectful we do have some crazy funny people in here.

NOTE : We do take a break from raiding in the summer for a few weeks which is voted on by the guild and during the Holidays from Christmas straight to New Years. We find this helps to keep "burn out " out of raiding, and allows our raider to spend that time with their family without worrying about missing raid night. How ever we will log on to do other things in game, plenty to do in Legion.

Server: Lightbringer <PST> time zone (Normal- Medium/High Population)
Faction: Alliance
Current Progression: 9/9 N ToS, 9/9 H ToS , 1/9 M ToS
Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday , Sunday 7:30 pm to10:30pm pst - 10:30pm to 1:30pm Est.

Loot System: Round Robin with our own twist
We use mumble and would like to interview new recruits.
RECRUITING :OPEN = Healer and Dps , OS tanks are welcome for mythic+ and back up raid tank.

Two Camels in a Tiny Car Raiding History :
We formed our guild a few weeks after the start of SoO = 14/14 Mythic, HM= 7/7 Mythic then BrF went live , BrF= 10/10 Heroic , 6/ 10 Mythic then, HfC= 13 /13 Heroic , 7/13 Mythic kills. And now Legion current 7/7 normal, 7/7 Heroic and 1/7mythic , Tov 3/3 N, ToV 3/3H, NH 3/10M, ToS 9/9 H, 1/9 M ToS.

Attendance: We ask for all raiders to be on for every raid day unless personal issues come up. Real life always comes before anything in-game. However, you must inform us on the guild website forums or contact an officer in-game at least an hour before.

A Sense of Humor: Our guild is extremely social and has a great sense of humor. Sarcasm is thrown out a lot by all of our members and should not be taken seriously at any time. However, we all know our limits and what has gone too far. It should also be noted that this guild is not a PG-13 environment and mature language will be used often.

What you can expect from us:
Weekly Raids and Content: We provide end-game content for all our raiders. We currently push for the hardest content this game has to offer and we will try to include everyone as much as possible in the near future and upcoming expansion. We do Mythic + on wed and try to make sure everyone has theirs done before the reset on tues. We are currently doing a lot of WQ and farming in Argus.

We ALL remember what it was like to log on to your second home back in vanilla and BC. You looked forward to talking with your friends and logged on the game to see what was new with them, this is what we have here. We want people to have a great sense of humor and not take anything seriously. We do not accept any elitist attitude or people that cause drama. This guild is about having fun with a great group of people!!

Get in contact with us
Btag: GhostToast#11626
Btag: CoCoLattè #1866
In-game mail on Lightbringer / http://camels-r-us.net/
Hi there!

<Broken Promise> [A] 3/9M on Stormrage is currently recruiting for DPS for our core raid!

We are a newly reformed guild, but all of our players have Mythic raiding experience in the past, along with current Mythic raid experience (5/9M) with the intent in pushing raid content.

Raid Times:
Monday / Tuesday / Thursday
9:30PM - 12AM EST

We use Discord for voice, and officers provide flasks, food, and vantus runes for the entire raid.

Aside from Mythic raiding, we are a very active guild. W like to push high Mythic + keys, run +10 Carries, PvP, and do old Mythic content and raids.

If you have any questions or would like more info, you can add me @ BerryPink#1867 :) ♥
<Mythically Challenged> is a newly formed mythic raiding guild of 5/9M raiders looking for more to round out our roster to continue pushing ToS and begin Antorus. We are a 3 day late night raiding guild that raid Tues/Wed/Sun 1-4am EST. We encourage a competitive environment and will strive to progress in the highest caliber to clear raids on a mythic level.

We are currently recruiting the following spots:

S Priest

We have a lot of vanq currently, and could really use dps on the conq and prot token!

If you would like more information or to talk to an officer to see if we are right for you, you can contact through battletag:


Who We Are
We are a new guild formed by a group of friends, looking for new friends to enjoy the game with! We are looking for raiders to fill out our raid team, but if you don't want to raid that's okay too! If you're new or returning to the game, we will help you gear up! We mostly communicate on Discord, so you are encouraged to join us there.

Weekly Events
Movie Night: Saturday 7:30pm CST onwards
More events soon to come, including PvP night! Have an idea for an event? Join us and let's make it happen! Our goal is to have fun together.

Raid Info
Monday/Wednesday Progression 7:30-11:30pm CST
Thursday/Friday Optional Farm 7:30-11:30pm CST
Discord is required.
Currently looking for Holy Priest or Holy Pally and Disc Priest. DPS are always welcome.
Cross-server welcome

If you are interested, please add Mufasa#11431.
Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

5/9M, 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras
6/10M Nighthold
2/3M Trial of Valor
7/7M Emerald Nightmare

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you as we have an immediate opening. =)

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

(H)Wanderlusters-Thrall is a mature casual/semi-hardcore raiding guild. We are currently recruiting to finish out our raid team for current content. We are looking for dps no app required just have a little chat with us officers and maybe run a mythic or 2 for us to check you out. Currently 7/7M-EN 2/3M-ToV 3/10M-NH 9/9H ToS and wishing to down more MYTHICS but we need you!

Raid times Progression days Wed 8-11cst(9-12est)/Mon 8-11CST(9-12est) Optional Raid Day: Thurs(8-11CST<9-12est>)(We only raid on thurs if we feel we need a little more time and/or new content is released and we want to push it a little bit, other wise for the most part we do alt runs on this day)

Current needs are below but accepting any decent people: those with dual specs dps/healing or dps/tank are highly sought after. Got a group of players? You are more than welcome to come and have a chat and see if your group will fit in with our group and be part of the family =).

Also like to note we can help pay for your transfer to our server if you fit in with our group =).

We are not looking to gear anyone up really, we prefer you be at/around our progression and have the time/effort put into your artifact weapon for the character/toon you want to raid with us as.

Another Note: We want you to have fun playing with your class if your playing something your not having fun on WHY ARE YOU PLAYING THAT CLASS XD; play to have fun not just because we need something, we consider all classes even if we have 1 or 2 of them =).

Ranged DPS- Few slots open

Mage- High
Boomkin- High
Lock- Extremely High
Spreist- High
Hunter- Med/High
Ele Sham- Low

Melee DPS- 1/2 slots open
Death knight- Med
Demon hunter- Low
Rogue- HIGH
Warr- Low
Feral- Med/High
Ret Pally- Med
WW Monk- Med

Healers- One/Two Main spec healer slots open+ Off spec healers wanted

Mistweaver Monk- High
Resto Druid- Med
Holy pally- Low
Resto Sham- Low
Holy priest- High
Disc priest- Med

Tanks- No current openings.

Contacts: Warguard#1900(Recruiting Officer),
Mazul#1425(Guild Leader/Healing coordinator)
<Endless Waltz> was formed in Burning Crusade and has existed as a raiding guild ever since. We are a Mythic progression guild that pushes content on a limited raid schedule 90% of applicants accepted are either still with the guild, or have ended their WoW careers with us. The most important point we stress is that we are not looking for a 3-month recruit. hopefully your aim is to find a new and permanent home, as that is the goal for our raid spots we fill. Edub is a "mature" raiding guild. The age in the guild ranges from 18-40s and we have people from all over the country. We curse like sailors, enjoy questionable jokes and give each other the business. If you are easily offended this is not the guild for you.

Server: Dragonmaw/Akama/Mug'thol (Connected) (PST)

Raid Times:
-Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 to 10:00 (PST) server time.
-Invites start at 6:30 and we pull at 7:00


Additional Information:
-Flasks/Food/Potions/Gems/Enchants Provided
-Discord voice chat

-6/9M Tomb of Sargeras
-9/9H Tomb of Sargeras
-9/9N Tomb of Sargeras
-7/10 Mythic Nighthold
-10/10 Heroic Nighthold
-7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare
-3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor

If you are interested please visit our website (listed below) or contact an officer (TwoXKnives#1808, DefconShaz#1727, Brandoni#1939, Tavish#1987, Zer0Faith#1697) or myself (Vandervalt#1712) In-game

website: www.endless-waltz.com
<Sleepless Supremacy> Is a guild located on Sargeras Alliance. We are seeking members that know their class, but also know how to have fun in a raid environment.

We're currently seeking dedicated consistent that are 18 years or older!

Currently Seeking ALL classes and roles

Current Progress:
9/9 Heroic, 4/9 Mythic

A good positive attitude. Anyone that has raided for progression will tell you this is very important!
95%+ attendance, absences don't count if notified 3 days in advance. Invites go out at 9:45PM (PST) and first boss is usually pulled at 10 on the dot, please don't be late!
Come prepared with enchants, and all consumables needed.

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday:10pm-1am PST
Wednesday: 10pm-1am PST
Thursday: 10pm-1am PST
(Optional) Funday Monday: 11pm~ PST. We generally run Heroic NH, N ToS, etc.

If interested Contact myself or visit our website:
App located under the "Core Raid Application" tab!

Look forward to talking to you soon!
<Queue Up> is a up and coming guild on Fenris Alliance. The Leadership is coming from a background of high experience pvp ranging from multi glads to multi heroes with some raiding experience. Our main goal is realm first and we will achieve our goal! We raid 3 nights a week Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 7:30 - 10:30 pm EST.

Expectations from you
  • 90% attendance
  • Knowledge of your class
  • competency to do what is required of you
  • What you can expect from us!
  • Serious but fun raiding enviorment
  • No BS when it comes to progression
  • consistentcy
  • Looting system
    We will be using a loot council system consisting of a officer and full raiders.
    Recruitment needs
    We are dire need of;
  • Havoc Dh
  • Arms warrior
  • Mage
  • spriest
  • please add me peppers#1522 or reply here if you are interested.
    What I need from you?
    Give me a log that is recent, so I can see if you are competent in your class. We aren't worried as much about gear and such because we aren't going to start raiding mythics till next tier.
    Hey Poonboy,

    Gonna keep it short. We're a newly formed guild (fresh af haha) looking to fill our team to finish ToS and get ready for Antorus and future xpacs.

    Tues/Thurs 7-11 EST

    Active outside raid with M+, PvP and other games!

    Kovas #11562 (BNET)
    Veladys#2257 (Discord)
    Late Night Pain Train (LNPT) is a 6 hr/week mythic raiding guild, and we are looking to keep a healthy roster to continue pushing mythic raiding during legion. We are a serious group of raiders, but like to have fun. Our raid team has cleared 7/7M Emerald Nightmare 2/3M ToV and 8/10M Nighthold, and 4/9 Tomb currently, and we are looking for some new blood to keep the train rolling for Tomb of Sargeras and beyond.

    Raid Times:
    Mon/Tues/Wed: 10:00 - 12:00Mid EST

    Classes we're looking for:
    DPS - any class but will especially consider Mage, Hunter, Elemental Shaman, Boomkin

    We welcome anything not listed above to app as well - we are always looking for exceptional like-minded players of any class/spec. We highly encourage all raiders to feel comfortable playing their offspec if needed.

    If you are interested please submit and application on our website at http://lnpt.enjin.com/.

    If have questions please contact Locanth#1758, Jabini#1699, Gorgrath#1989, or Gortao#1301. We are located on the Zul'jin server and would be pleased to talk with you. If none of us are on then talk to anyone in the guild, let them know that you were looking for us, and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

    Please add Locanth#1758 if you would like to talk.
    <Did We Log> [1/9M] HORDE-MAL’GANIS guild currently raiding Mon, Tues, Wed from 6pm-9pm server/central time. We are a semi-hardcore to casual guild looking to bolster our ranks for mythic Tomb of Sargeras progression We have officers that are experienced and more than willing to gear you as well as getting you the knowledge to better understand your class. We love to laugh and have a good time but also know when to be serious and clear some content. For raids we require RC Loot Council, Angry Assignment and Discord if you don’t already have them. Flasks and Foods provided for progression raids. We invite YOU to join our ranks and would love to hear from you! Add calibug#1568 for more information!
    10/30/2017 04:28 PMPosted by Poonboy
    Server: Cho'Gall (willing to xfer)

    LF a guild to raid heroic TOS and progress in mythics.
    Have completed heroic and have good knowledge of fights and mechanics.

    Hey Poon,

    I'm looking to add a reliable DPS and raider for the long-term. We raid Thursday and Sunday night from 8:00-11:30 PM eastern as our two main nights. We also raid flex farm content on Wednesday night starting at the same time, but it's optional for people.

    We're a 2004 Horde launch guild located on Thrall. I've been the GM since 2007. If you're looking for a place to call home and have a balance, give us a look. Please add me on bnet @ Wretchedmist#1868 or via Discord @ Wretchedmist#7609. Reach out to me. I'll tell you further about our guild via conversation. Hopefully I hear from you.

    Take care,
    Hey! I read over your forum post and I think you might be exactly what we are looking for! We are currently looking for exceptional players who are looking for a longstanding guild that they can invest in. We raid a Tues - Thurs 8pm to 11pm EST. We have been a strong community for over 4 years and have a long history of progressive raiding. Hit me up at Sym#1940 or Sym#9690 on Discord!

    I look forward to hearing from you!
    Is a new guild on Stormrage with the goal of not only building a raid team, but building a community. While many of us enjoy raid and devote much of our time into improving as players, we also love our guild because of the people in it. PugLife is looking to build a home for all players. Raiders, newcomers, alts, whoever. If you like to log onto WoW, pop into discord, and have some laughs. We are the guild for you.

    All that being said, we are certainly looking to flesh out our raid group!
    We are 9/9N and 9/9H ToS
    Raid days/times: T/Th 9pmEST-11pmEST.
    Server: Stormrage
    Faction: Alliance

    Who are we looking for:
    DPS: Demon Hunter, Spriest, Warlock. All classes and good players will definitely be considered! Heals: RShaman or HPriest
    1 Main tank position is also open.

    Our plan is to continue ToS H farm until next tier, then hopefully have the numbers to progress into mythic!

    Why PugLife?
    PugLife is more than just raid days. We are often online playing alts, chatting in discord, or playing games together outside of WoW. We are a happy family of friends who have been in and out of other guilds and never found what we really wanted. We are a young adult guild made of guys and gals with full time jobs, kids, and real life responsibilities. So, if you're interested in making a guild your home and you're willing to grow with our young guild, we are happy to have you! No matter what stage of leveling you're in.

    Send me a message on Bnet so I can answer any questions you may have: Godeo#1447
    Hi there!

    My guild raids wed/Sat 7-10pm PST, and we are looking for a melee dps. I am looking trial you tonight if you are available. Let's get together and chat!

    Discord - @Lumynis#4662
    Bnet - Muppet#1307

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