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Mobile Bug Report
Nothing game breaking, just something I found interesting/easy to fix. I was looking up someone from a guild I saw, using the wow armory guild search feature, and the default level range for the search is 1-100, where it should obviously be 1-110. Just checked now, and the same "problem" applies to the desktop version as well. Not a big deal, just a way to improve.
It's really not a big deal, but I posted in what was apparently the "wrong post area" two times, both of which got a response in a few hours, and now that it's in the redirected 2x forum, there hasn't been any response. Is this the forum loop that keeps these small changes unchanged for so long?
This got very quick responses in the wrong threads, I had 0 care about it until it got neglected when sent to the "correct" forum.
This isn't even solely a mobile bug, all versions that I've found of the wow armory guild character search are from 1-100 instead of 1-110 soon to be 1-120, not a big deal, but for it to be ignored seems to me that you guys are just going to wait for 120 then update it? I'll assume this and if i'm right u guys owe me a cool pet right? and if I'm wrong and you guys don't update it, then I get a response?
Am I allowed to keep questioning what the result of this will be? Or should I just wait and find out in BFA?
So, BFA has been out for a few weeks, woohoo! Yet the world of warcraft armory guild roster search is still defaulted to 1-100 rather than 1-120.

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