DPS lf raiding guild

Guild Recruitment
Who i am
I am a primarily dps player though I am willing to learn tanking maybe its a big maybe
What i want in a guild
I want a medium sized guild and do NOT want a gigantic guild with hundreds of players I enjoy being in a guild that is not dry so many guilds iv been in have just been dry in personality and id rather a guild that raids at night instead of evening due to my schedual and im available at 9:00 to 11:00 central time
My intrest
I enjoy raiding and some pvp and have cleared tos on normal and have killed several bosses on heroic i prefer to raid normal and sometimes heroic though i prefer to clear the raid on normal before heroic.
My conditions
I do NOT want a guild that forces me to have certain legendaries I find it silly and Id rather a guild that wants its members to have fun
If your guild has a aplication process im not intrested aplications are for jobs not for wow in my opinion

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