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Guild Recruitment
Tank Stats: Prot
>> Raid Buffed HP: 10.9 million+ HP (indomitable)
>> Raid Buffed HP: 7.9 million+ HP (devastator)
>> Raid Tank DPS: 1 million+ DPS (99% damage parses)
>> Raid Tank HPS: 568k HPS (90% heal parses)

Warrior: 4pc 941-947 bis equip, 952 Bag
>> TANK: "75 traits" with 13 legendary (all+bis)
>> DPS: "72 traits" with 13 legendary (all+bis)
>> Full Tier 20 with 4 Piece (6/6 collected)

Format Layout
1. Times available & time zone:
2. Server preference:
3. Faction preference:
4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual:
5. Current progression/experience:
6. Recent logs (if available):
7. Contact info:
8. Anything else:

1. Times available & time zone:
EST 11:00 PM --> 11 AM
CST 10:00 PM --> 10 AM
MST 9:00 PM --> 9 AM
PST 8:00 PM --> 8 AM

2. Server preference:
Will Transfer to any U.S. server.
High preference if you have a Mythic Raid team
High preference if you have 2k+ RBG team.
High preference if you farm 15+ keys (as 4+ guild group) and loot share.
High preference if you are on PvP or RPPvP servers.
High preference if you clear previous "mythic tier" content for tifanforged and mogs.

3. Faction preference:
Horde: Yes (ready)
Alliance: Maybe (must be paid)

4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual:
Hardcore Mythic Raiding
Semi-Hardcore Mythic Raiding with RBG team

5. Current progression/experience:
7+ Years raiding Mythic Raiding
8+ Years raiding Herioc w/ AotC
5/9M pull EXP
3/9M kill EXP
9/9H kill EXP (AotC)
World Top 100 ilvl (warrior)
World Top 100 mythic+ (warrior tank)
World Top 1500 M+score (tank)
*stats are taken from wowprogress and raider.io

6. Recent logs (if available): Parses 90-99%
Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/illidan/vvarleader
Wow Progress: https://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/illidan/Vvarleader
Warcraft Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/26139815/13#metric=dps
*Note: Most of my logs are from over-geared speed runs where you cannot die. If you want an accurate representation of my skill invite me to your group.

7. Contact info:
In-Game Horde: /Whisper Vvarleader-Illidan
BattleTag: VVAR#1359
Discord(voice): https://discord.gg/pJJnHgT

8. Anything else:
Raid Interface Screenshots
Direct link 1 - http://i.imgur.com/klMAGYA.jpg
Direct link 2 - http://i.imgur.com/XARGKZ3.jpg
Direct link 3 - http://i.imgur.com/ubFISss.jpg

The Perfect Guild...
I'm looking for a guild that actually plays the game. Not just some login, kill a boss, then log out for a week guild. I would like to clear current mythic raid content, push those 15-30+ high end mythic keys, smash 2k+ PVP rating, and hit up the last raid tier to complete a transmogrify set. I'm looking for guild that actually does stuff like this together, because you know... its the whole purpose of a guild when you get down do it.

If your guild does not do all of these things... fear not... As long as your/our raid availability syncs up I'm sure we can work something out. To be honest I might be alright with an lfr hero guild that pushes M+30 keys, but why they are an LFR Hero guild I may never understand... maybe because it always looks the biggest with max determination... I duno... XD

Any who...

Thank you for your time,
Hey im gumms. Raid leader of RDS. We are 8/9m (43% kj)-- Actively recruiting a solid tank to come in and step up for a KJ kill! We raid 1am-430 am est. 12 cst-330cst. Send me a request if you are interested!

Hey Vvarleader,

<say it to my raybans> is a newly formed Horde guild on Illidan. Many of our members have had experience raiding in top guilds over the years with some being ranked as high as world 3rd. While a lot of us are still eager to progress through end game content, a lot of us no longer have the time or desire to devote to a hardcore raiding schedule.

At our core, we are a group of individuals who simply enjoy playing the game and want to have fun while raiding and progressing through content at a swift pace. We expect our members to have a high level of personal responsibility. Show up on time. Know your class like the back of your hand and being able to demonstrate that to us. Come to raid prepared with the correct gems/enchants/consumables/etc. to maximize your performance. And, most importantly, be able to take direction and criticism well.

Our current raid times are Tue/Thu/Sun from 10:00 PM EST to 1:00 AM EST. We are currently in the process of reviewing these times to see if a day/time adjustment would be beneficial.

Outside of raid, we are very active often forming Mythic+ groups or alt raids on off nights. There are plenty of people who hang out on Discord to chat as well as play other games outside of WoW (League, PUBG, CS:GO and others).

Last thing I'll leave you with is the fact that, since we are newly formed, our main focus at this point is to strengthen our raiding core for Antorus so that we can hit it like a truck right away. That said, any trials we accept will likely be getting a very high amount of playtime from day one.

If interested, feel free to reach out to either of the individuals listed below. Hope to hear soon!

BattleTag: Phillycheese#11332
Discord: phillyCHEEEEEZ#3626

BattleTag: Floasted#11407

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