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My husband and I are looking for a new home after our guild went to shambles. Both of us are 9/9H and 1/9M.

Times: 7:30-11:00 pm eastern
Days: Tue/Wed

Toons: 925 BM hunter and 932 havoc DH (mains)
921 tank druid and 915 (holy) 923 (ret) pally (alts)

My bnet is: runnerjess18#1416

We are looking for a mythic oriented raiding guild. We can give logs if need be. Thank you for reading!
Hey there I added u hope to hear from ya
MMXVII Is recruiting for Mythic Progression through the remainder of legion and beyond. We are a family oriented raiding team focused on providing a safe PUG-free environment for our members who enjoy raiding as much as they like doing other things outside of raid time. We run unbiased loot council as a method of distributing loot to our team mates, to keep everyone at the same pace. No one receives any special treatment - not even officers or guild master, however there is a matter of trust involved.

Our times are:
  • Friday: 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
  • Saturday 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
  • Trial with us?
    Our trial period is very specific. When you trial with us you have the option to do so on your realm if cross realm, and will take about two weeks to make an assessment. Upon completion we tell you to either transfer to our guild or you respectfully decline your application. In rare cases we may extend your trial period extra time to make a solid assessment.

    What we expect from you:
    We expect all raiders to play their class to the best of their ability and overall outmaneuver mechanics. What we also look for in a raider is their personality. Being a family oriented guild - we want to make sure a member is someone we want to be around and be the kind of person we wish to do all things Warcraft with.

    What you expect from us:
    You will surely expect us to do what needs to be done, and ensure progress moves at a stable pace if not ahead of schedule. You wish to surround yourself among members you can say you really enjoy playing with.

    What officers will do:
  • The officers of the guild will ensure progress moves at the pace desired.
  • The officers will make the tough decisions most normal members can't be relied on to perform such as benching players, removing in-subordinates, and making financial decision of the guild entirely.
  • Recruiting:
  • Tanks: 0
  • Healers: Always in consideration
  • DPS: Always in consideration however prefer RDPS
  • Necessities and requirements:
  • Boss Mods for awareness
  • Exorsus Raid Tools awareness
  • RCLootCouncil for loot distribution
  • Contact information:
    Battletag: Pixel#12533

    Extra Stuff:
    Current Roster(excluding bench players and friends):

  • Guild Master
  • Officer 1
  • Officer 2:
    <Prominence> is currently looking for active late night raiders (with a focus on DPS, but all exceptional raiders will be considered). Guild 3/10 Mythic NH and 3/9 M ToS. While mostly focused on building a strong roster for AtBT, we are working on progressing through M ToS as we can, while farming Heroic to help gear our team as best as possible for the coming content.

    Raid times (CST):
    Friday: 11:30 PM - 2:30 AM
    Saturday: 11:30 PM - 2:30 AM

    All applicants will be considered regardless of role or experience, but logs are highly preferred.

    If you would like to know more or want further details about options and Prominence feel free to respond here, or send us a message:


    or BTag:
    FoxyKiwi#1817 (Cat)
    Antherious#1315 (Antherious)
    GhostPants#1709 (Zent)
    ShinyPants#15972 (Sandwich)
    Good afternoon,

    You had mentioned weekday times, and it's typically a long shot to post out of a desired schedule, but I am definitely interested! Here is our guild spam. I'd love to chat if you could make our times!

    Pandamonium on US Magtheridon – Alliance 5/9M (5% Mistress) is currently recruiting for our mythic raid!

    Raid Times – 7:00PM-10:00PM EST Saturday & Sunday

    Loot System – Loot Council, which is based off of
    *Raid Attendance
    *Previous Loot
    *Attitude and drive for progression.

    Highest Needs -
    Resto Shaman
    Melee - Rogue, DH, potential Feral

    We are interested in mythic caliber players of any role or class!

    Why Raid With Pandamonium?

    Our group has a long standing history filled with knowledgeable, dedicated players looking to progress through end game content on the highest difficulty. The team's focus is to be better each time not only per pull, but as players, to continue to grow as a progression team. Our raid environment is focused on progression and our members work together to work through strats and experience content together while maintaining progress throughout the tier. We like to have fun, and killing bosses is fun!

    A bonus to our raid is that we have a supportive community within the guild that is active with members who have various other interests so that you have company during off-raid nights. The worst thing is to be active in a guild that only logs on for raids!

    General requirements include:
    * Commitment to regular attendance to the team
    * Raid ready character as the first tier drops.
    * Ability to use Discord and have working mic.
    * Stable internet connection with little to no disconnects.

    Feel free to contact any of us in game with any questions!
    Atrianna#1646 - Raid Leader / GM
    Keaton#1165 - Melee Lead
    Drinkinmycup#1192 - Recruitment Officer
    we can only raid week days!
     Hello, add Fezz#1430 and we can chat about my guild. <The Darkwolf Marauding> of Garrosh (H) 9/9H Wed+Thurs 8-11pm Eastern. Raiders and casuals welcome! Mythic ToS soon!
    == MAXIMUM EFFORT == 9/9H [A] Fairly new guild made by a group of long time friends! We have an experienced raid leader and a strong-core group! We're driven but also friendly. We spend lots of time doing mythic+, hanging out in discord, theory crafting and just hanging out! We are looking for some active and dedicated people who wanna do content, get !@#$ done without being all too uptight about it. Everyone does their part, we work as a team and get it done!

    When do we raid? -Tue/wed 930-1130 est (630-830 server) -Monday normal tomb farm

    Want to join? Well we need.. -Accepting all ranged dps specs -Non pally tank

    All are welcome, though we can't promise you a raiding spot!

    If you're interested or have questions my btag is hethrus#1504

    If you are truly interested guild can cover server transfers.
    we decided to stay with some friends, thank you all for the replys!
    Hello Friend,
    Going to try and keep this nice and short.

    Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

    4/9M, 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras
    6/10M Nighthold
    2/3M Trial of Valor
    7/7M Emerald Nightmare

    8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

    Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you =)

    Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ
    Doing a Heroic trial Tomorrow
    Type: Semi-hardcore progression
    Progression: 3/9M 9/9 H Tomb of Sargeras
    5/10 M Nighthold
    7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare
    3/3H ToV
    Raid leader has 6/9 mythic experience

    Faction: Horde
    Raid Times:Times:
    10:30pm-1:30am (PST)
    11:30pm-2:30am (MTN)
    12:30pm- 3:30am (CNT)
    1:30pm-4:30am (EST)

    Add bubbleskank#1537 (the recruitment officer)
    Caryn#1711 (GM)
    Hi there, please take a look at our guild info below. I think the two of you could be a good fit so let's talk over discord or in-game.

    We are Valar Morghulis on Mal'Ganis (US). We are currently 5/9M ToS. Our roster has space for a few talented melee and ranged DPS to finish pushing ToS and prepare for Antorus in the months to come.

    The following classes are in very high demand but we are considering all DPS classes at this time:
    -Warrior (Arms/Fury)
    -DK (Unholy)
    -Hunter (Marks/BM)
    -WW Monk
    -Talented DPS

    Any DPS with a geared healing/tanking Offspec is also very desirable. With that said, any talented player will be considered and we place a premium on players who display flawless mechanical ability.

    Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday from 8pm-11pm Central Time. We do an optional Heroic clear on Sundays at 8pm Central.

    The leadership of Valar Morghulis has played together since Vanilla, so the guild has existed for a very long time. We are not hardcore but do expect that raiders know their class, know the fights, and come fully prepared with consumables. While we are raiding we are serious about killing bosses. This doesn't mean we don't have fun. We do off night Heroic clears, alt runs, and tons of Mythic+ runs. Only the mythic raid roster is competitive.

    Contact me if you want to know more.
    Discord: Kobrahn#9822
    Battletag: Kobran#11930
    [A] <Testudo> - Dalaran

    Hello! <Testudo> 1/9M is a 2 day heroic raiding guild looking to move into mythic. We are alliance side on Dalaran US. We have recently formed and are looking for healers and DPS to add to our core.
    We are here to progress and have fun doing it. Our main ideology is that if someone is holding us back for whatever reason (mechanics/dps/etc.), we will sit them until they up their game.
    That being said we mess around between pulls, swear like sailors, and have tons of fun while trying to down content and move on to the next challenge. Some preferred classes/specs would be:

    Tank: Guardian/Blood DK
    RDPS: Mage/EleShaman/Spriest
    Melee: DH/Rogue/ Ret (with healing off spec)

    But any class that can pull their weight and would like to progress in a fun group of great players is welcome to come along! Our raid nights are Tuesday and Wednesday from 8PM EST to 11PM EST. If you are interested please let us know!

    Btag Kkbay#1884
    Discord Larli#7741
    Hi Miseane,

    My guild may be what you and your hubby are looking for. We raid wed/sat 7-10pm PST and we are 1/9M ToS. Check us out:

    If my guild looks like a good fit for you two, add my btag and we can chat more! Muppet#1307.

    I look forward to hearing from you!
    Hello. We are currently looking for a few more dps to fill core spots. We also push keys weekly. I think our raid times may be alittle to late for you by let us know if it can work out. Most of our raiders are east coast.
    <Precise> (9/9 H 1/9M) is a Horde raiding guild on Tichondrius. We are looking for competent and exceptional players who are constantly looking to better themselves and progress through both heroic and mythic content. We expect all applicants to be familiar enough with their class/spec to perform well in a raid environment. We also expect players to spend time both in game and outside of game researching fights and their class.We run keystones regularly and are looking for players who do the same. We are looking for committed and patient players who share the same interests in progression as us.

    Raid Days / Times:
    Tuesday and Wednesday 7-10pm server time. (10pm-1am EST).

    Current Recruitment Needs:
    Balance Druid
    Shadow Priest
    Ele Shaman
    Ret paladin

    All dps classes and specs are considered so anyone interested can apply.

    Lastly, we want to keep the guild drama free and ask that everyone who joins to do the same.

    Zaxlez Battle Tag: AFusco#1382
    Zatron Battle Tag: Rank1Virgin#1719
    Celesaris Battle Tag: Ash#11430
    Geneis Battle Tag: Dar#1674
    Kusun Battle Tag: Rekement#1134
    <Toast> is a large active guild on Area-52[H] with multiple raid teams at different progressions. Please visit our site and take a look: If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Btag: violetfire#1518
    Our Raid Group is currently 9/9 H ToS we are recruiting to get into Mythic Tos and Beyond. We are accepting Casual-Semi Hard Core players who intend On being active thru ought the week. Whether your into Raids, Mythic +, Random Battle Grounds, Casual Rated BG's. Main Raid is Tue/Wed 8-10:30 server time which is US central. We are a fun group that enjoys the game and still have goals and expectations to have fun while getting things dead. IF this Peaks your Interests Please apply here at our recruitment discord
    And if you want to expedite the application process please Contact Chrism#1202 Btag once you've applied!
    We found a guild, thank you!

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