For how many specs do you play a class?

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Shaman- I've played all three specs this expac at some point. Mostly resto though. Right now she's Elemental because I'm not raid healing for my guild anymore. (927)
Warlock- strictly Affliction (934)
Paladin- Ret. She has a Holy offspec but I haven't actually played it (907)
Priest- rarely played but I've played both Shadow and Disc. (901)
Druid- Feral but I do have all four artifacts and crap tons of unsullied gear if I ever want to try one of the others. (898)
Mage- Frost (893)
Hunter- Beast Mastery (923)
Warrior- My newest 110. I'd like to learn to tank on her so I have both the Prot and Fury artifacts. (901)
Demon Hunter- Havoc (926)

Before you ask, no I don't play them all regularly. I'm just determined to have one of each class at 110 before the end of the expac. Most are 900 and above.

With my dps classes, I tend to stick with one spec. With my hybrids, I can explore other roles if I choose to. I like the flexibility on them.
One, spec switching in this expansion is too much of a pain for me to bother.
this pally i can play all 3 specs pretty well. only character i really play..but i guess i could my lock and DH too.
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So, do you guys find happiness on maining a toon without exactly enjoying all of their specs? Or do you really like all the specs they have?
When I play a class, I pick one spec for it. That's all I'll play pretty much on that character.


This Druid is my "main" and all I play is Resto. I didn't even pickup a 2nd artifact weapon.

Shaman - Resto, Monk - Mistweaver, Priest - Holy(this expansion, used to always be Disc), Hunter - Marksman, Warlock - Demonology, I have a few more but you get the idea.

Only time I change a spec is the start of a new expansion. Like my Warlock was usually destruction, but I wanted to try something different. I pick a spec, stick with it all expansion
Most my hunters I used to mess with all three specs until my main where I decided to stay BM on him as for this alt I tried Havoc hated it so main Vengeance.
I’ve challenged myself with trying to “master” all three warrior specs, because warrior is head-and-shoulders my favorite class in the game. I might switch to maining either Fury or Arms depending on the tier, but I enjoy both of them for different reasons thematically.
For me, I usually just settle for a class with 2 specs I enjoy. There is only 1 class in the game where I am into all 3 specs and that's mage.

I play disc/shadow




etc etc etc.

so I guess I'm in the middle on this one, because I definitely have those classes I cannot get into playing. I want to pick up monk, but only want to be a brewmaster. I want to pick up warlock, but only want to be destruction etc.
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It also seems like you're kind of forced to pick now with these dang artifact weapons. If you waste power on one, you gimp the other ones. I kind of really dislike this whole artifact nonsense.


During MoP, this warlock used all three specs, usually adjusting within raid to deal with trash. boss mechanics, etc. That was fine, and was as much a part of min/maxing as reading boss write-ups, pre-potting on pull, and having the right WeakAuras.

But, as Ghalthuk pointed out, doing so now would gimp you - maybe when(if?) we have our main weapon maxed, we can work on another, and the bulk of my alts have multiple artifact specs up to at least level 52. Meanwhile, these days, we...think...about bringing tomes and changing some talents to match needs...maybe.
I tend to just find something I like and stick with it. This warrior has been my main since 2005, and I've been fury for most of that time.
Typically 1.

I haven't liked Destro since MoP and Demo is disgusting right now.
I usually play 2 out of 3 specs of each class. Mage I'll play all 3 but when feeling lazy I play frost (because I know that one best)

Rogue, started with outlaw found I prefer sub.

DK, blood because it's fun, frost for dg's because I don't want to tank a group.

Warrior, prot then fury but arms is good too.

OP, what compelled you to ask this?
I learn and play all specs on all my characters. I like challenging myself, and improving my understanding of the game.
I started back when switching specs wasn't really a thing. It cost a lot to train for a second spec (and you could only have two). All my characters (except most of my healers) only play one main spec.
i play every spec on a class i actually play consistently, but then i have alts like shaman where i only play ele and nothing else. although on my priest disc is the only spec i play simply because shadow isnt really interesting and why play holy when i can play disc which is 10x more fun
Read somewhere that the way to cure alt-itis was to pick a class whose two specs out of the three you really like, which seems ridiculous because you can REALLY enjoy one spec of a class but hate the two others. I think really enjoying one spec is better than feeling average about three specs.

Just a friendly reminder if you pick a class that can heal, understand you will be asked to heal sometimes to move the group along. Yea of course it's your right to say 'no' and stay dps spec forever but it does happen. (And because you said no that is an extra five-ten minutes of your time that you'll have to wait for another healer to move things along.) If you really like the dps spec of the class that can also heal tho it shouldn't be too big of an issue.

Also people can drive themselves into a wall being either too emotional/romantic with their class, or too logical/mechanical. You have to balance something you can enjoy playing with mechanics that you like, and weak points you are willing to forgive and tolerate. Like say for example that you really enjoy the class fantasy of being a markmanship hunter (Maybe you felt like you were a hunter in your past life?), but none of the spec's mechanics feel right for you - it will feel off, like something is always missing. Or likewise maybe you really enjoy how a Fire Mage plays, but it's not something you'd ever see yourself playing because you don't feel like you 'fit' in the role.

I wish that for a smaller xp rate, you could automatically lvl up another spec at the same exact time when you gain artifact power. It would make switching specs less of a chore. Yeah it's not hard at all to keep two specs up to a decent level, but it does just feel like a stupid hassle that could be made a lot more convenient. The entire artifact power system though and how it was implemented feels very mediocre. It works, it's just so meh.
Yes to both questions.

I started out only being interested in Balance on my druid during MoP and was fine with not playing the other specs. Balance was my jam and it was the only thing I wanted to play. I was totally obsessed with that spec.

When Balance got overhauled in WoD and I didn't enjoy the spec as much as I used to, I tried branching out and learning the other specs and found that I really liked them too. Now in Legion I play all four and adore each of them.

I'm fine with only playing one spec if it's the one I love above all others, though I do really enjoy feeling like a "proper" jack-of-all-trades druid who can play any spec. I put fun above everything else and right now all four specs are fun for me, though that's subject to change and that's okay to me.
This DK?
I play all three specs. I main frost. dabble in unholy and offspec in blood to tank mythic+'s. I'm kinda bad at unholy but i think its a lack of practice thing mostly. (rotation i got down fine, im just not used to having like 4 dps CD's so i always forget at least one.)

My alts, often focus on one spec cus thats all i have time for, but i prefer to have the option to do multiple different things.
Mages Rogues and Warriors are the only classes where I play every spec to some degree. There are other classes I play that I like or have liked aspects of each spec, like Paladins and Monks, but the role of one or more of the specs isn't something that I generally play (e.g healing specs) or I simply prefer one spec over the others too much (such as WW for monks).
I usually enjoy all specs but because I also like alts for shamans and druids I may level one as enhance and only enhance and another as ele resto (for druids a feral/guardian and a balance/resto).

My paladin is ret for life at max far. I did some tanking and healing while leveling.

Shengyi here is usually survival or beast mastery. I have never cared for Marks in any of its forms.
One spec per character. I get bored staying on the same character in multiple specs.

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