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Well this is certainly an exercise in self-reflection... LOL. To just put it out there, I am 48 yrs old and been playing casually since the end of Cata. I currently main a 920 Ele Shaman for the Horde on Thrall. My raid experience has not progressed beyond LFR and heroic dungeons due to previously not being that interested in it. I have played this whole time solo, except for the few stints my son played with me. I've been in many guilds over the years from random invites and never really found a home. Expereinced everthing from drama, juvenile behavior, toxic, to boring. What I would love to be able to find is an adult guild with like-minded, respectful people that also likes to have fun. Looking for a team that also has the patience and is willing to work with folks without making them feel bad when mistakes happen. I want to do more raiding above LFR and M+ dungeons and see how far I can go with that but will need some help getting started with the raiding. I am not afraid to put the work in and research to learn fights, etc. I have a career and a family and this game is my stress reliever to all that, so it can't be an additional source of stress. I am however willing to commit with the understanding that things do come up at times with life. That said, I will never leave you high and dry with no communication if I do end up on your raid team.

1. Times available & time zone: I'm on the east coast, EST. Can commit to two or three nights from 9:30pm-12:30am on Sunday through Thursday. On Friday and Saturday nights I could start earlier and go later.
2. Server preference: I'm on Thrall now but will happily consider a transfer to another PVE realm for the right opportunity.
3. Faction preference: I would really like to stay Horde, but there is a small chance I would consider a change to Ally for the right opportunity.
4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Casual to semi-hardcore.
5. Current progression/experience: LFR
6. Recent logs (if available): None
7. Contact info: hyperduc#1373
8. Anything else: See above.
You may take a look at the guild I am in. It is Grievance on Proudmoore. It is a casual 18+ guild. We also have a horde group on Thrall I am just not sure of the raid info for them :)

You can see more here

or here at the guild site

and apply here if you decide to join us

Most nights you can find 15-30 people on so it is not dead outside of raid days :) You can almost always get a full guild run for mythic +s.
The members are very welcoming and helpful. You can find many of them in Teamspeak.

You do not have to raid but if you would like to, we have 2 raid teams. These teams clear normal and heroic content.

Accomplished Casual Raiding (2 Groups)
Tuesday (6PM PST - 8PM PST) Tomb of Sargeras (Heroic) (ilvl 900)
Friday (6PM PST - 9PM PST) Tomb of Sargeras (Normal) (ilvl 885)
Saturday (6PM PST - 9PM PST) Tomb of Sargeras (Heroic) (ilvl 900)

Sundays are an open normal raid for alts and anyone else that wants to join and are very casual. Just log in and ask for an invite for this one

Open Night (Main/Alt/Members) (1 Group)
Sunday (4PM PST - 6PM PST) Tomb of Sargeras (Normal) (ilvl 885

For questions you can contact Isilaura, the recruiting officer. If she is not available you can find me, Torvi (jazzllanna#1246), or any other officer to answer any questions.

I have been there nearly a year and would recommend it to anyone. The members are great and very welcoming. :)
Hi Cheez!

I think my guild may be exactly what you are looking for. We have a very welcoming and friendly environment of adults who want to enjoy raiding as a team, without the hardcore push of progression. We down content at our own pace, while still progressing at a decent speed. We made it to 1/9M ToS this tier. Here's is our recruitment link for more info: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759290473#post-1

I have added you on bnet, mine is Muppet#1307. I look forward to hearing from you!
Hi there! It might be too big of a stretch but is there any chance you could swing a 9 P EST start time for raiding? We'd love to have you if you're interested! <From Ashes> is an alliance guild my husband and I lead on the Whisperwind/ Dentarg servers. We are a social/ casual guild with a low stress raiding environment. Most of our members are older members with children and full time jobs. Our goal is to have a guild that feels like a family, where our members actually care about one another and want to hang out. We try to do as much as we can together as possible whether that be fun runs/ mythic dungeons/ raids/ achievements/ etc. We are firm believers that real life comes first and that this is supposed to be something we enjoy, not a job. We raid Wed/ Sun 8-10 p CST with an alt raid most Saturday at the same time, but there is no pressure to raid. Here is our guild spam if you want to check it out: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753445188#post-5

If we sound like a good fit and you would like to chat please contact me in game or add my btag: Chelusa#1974. Good luck in your guild search! :)
Non Offensive Innuendo is currently a heroic guild that is wanting to go mythic.

Server: Ner'zhul, Frostmane, Tortheldrin
Progression: 9/9N 9/9H

Roles we currently need: Exceptional Healers and DPS

Please fill out this application to apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd-rZ-shnsXmp-O-Q1IHBgy5ZL6UyjLA4lNpRKAKSl4rEEYGg/viewform

We use EPGP and RCLootCouncil for loot, and Exorsus Raid Tools for notes

Consumables: Free for all raiders

Raid Times:
Wednesday, Friday, and Monday 8-11PM CST
(Monday is optional farm)

We use discord, feel free to join for any questions or interviews. https://discord.gg/UEEnfCp

We are like a family, we joke and mess with each other all the time, we are laid back and not super strict, but we still want to kill bosses at a resonable pace.

You are expected to show up on time, and if you can't let someone know ahead of time. You are also expected to do the highest required mythic+ key to ensure that your gear stays up to date, if you require help doing this let people in the guild know.

Contact Info:
Disasterpiece of <Seraph> is interested in having you on our roster!

Seraph itself is more than a guild, we're a community of gamers. Each year we attend Blizzcon as a guild so if you're looking to become a part of something big, we're always seeking fun and friendly players!

About Disasterpiece:
We're currently building a team for Antorus with the intent of starting mythic ASAP. In the meantime, as we build up our roster we'll be hitting heroic ToS to farm up what gear we can, and once we have a solid roster we'll head into mythic and try to prepare for Antorus. Our raid days and times are Tuesday - Thursday, 5:30-7:30 server time (CST). While we don't require you to have your own food and flasks, we will be requiring donations of the mats to make your spec's preferable food (generally feasts) and flasks. We do not supply potions or augment runes, although you'll easily find someone in the guild with rank 3 in every recipe should you need it.

About Seraph:
Seraph is a community of gamers, friends, and family. Currently boasting 11 raid teams and a truly unique experience you won't find anywhere else. We've been around since 2009 and won't be going anywhere anytime soon, make us your next WoW home. A lot of people are recruited here for raiding, but they tend to stick around for the community and friendly atmosphere.

Seraphguild.com is the best online source for all things Seraph!

Recruitment Officer: Lucky (butts#1849) & on behalf of the recruitment officer you may also reach me, Xiaojangxie (Praetorian#11325)

Raid Leader : Wizspike#1781 - Bnet
WizSpike#3192 - Discord
Hey Cheez! I think you'd be a good fit here! Will try to contact you via battle chat! Hope to hear from you soon! Hopefully were the right opportunity ;)

Molten Core Swim Team -2/9 M, 9/9 H ToS. Recruiting for mythic progression. Raid is Tues/Thur/Sun 7:30 - 9:30 PM st. We are a casual progression raid group that likes to chill and have fun while keeping a positive vibe downing content.

Looking for DPS (all) pure and with great OS Healing (H Priest/R Druid). Must be Mythic ready, don't have to have the mythic experience yet.

Mostly 25+ guild, must be 18+

*We have members always pushing Mythic 10+ for loot chances each week.
*Every Saturday is a Normal Alt run night (bring your main as well) followed by any achievement runs people need.
*We have leads for each role that will help guide and develop skill

Recruiting all other potential raiders to help learn and gear and standby for spots in raids.

Shamsz (GM)- pjmes#1446
Allonsy - Guild Lead - Murdertramp#1435
Singlesolder - Class Lead/Recruiter - YuGiOh#1530
Boutreefiddy - Class Lead - hanzilol#1492

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