7/9M Demon Hunter Havoc/Vengeance LFG

Guild Recruitment
7/9M Havoc or Vengeance DH LFG that raids after 7:00 pm EST at least twice a week on Stormrage.
May want to check us out!

Check out <Gray Parses Only>!!
We have a discord channel set up, where we will be posting videos of us raiding, you can get to know the atmosphere of our guild. We also have a channel where we’ve posted logs. If you would like to know more feel free to contact us!

<Gray Parses Only>

About Us: <Gray Parses Only> is a mythic raiding guild located on Stormrage. When we’re not raiding, we’re hanging out in discord, usually running groups. We accept casual players as well, have the occasional PvPers and are always look to push mythic plus’.

Raid Schedule: Tues 10pm-1am EST & Wed 10pm-1am EST (also optional raids hosted Sunday)

Progression: 5/9M -- 9/9H ToS -- 5/10M NH -- 3/3H ToV -- 4/7M EN
Inquire Today! We are currently recruiting the following classes / specs:
Melee - Demon Hunter, Ret Paladin, Rogue, Monk

Ranged - Spriest, Hunter, Mage

Healer - Priest, Monk, Paladin with Ret OS
If this interests you, add one of us on battle.net!

For any questions/inquiries:
Join our recruitment discord discord.gg/DUU3D4E
Or add Mastablastah#1100, Cathandris#1297, Val#1862, LazyTitan#155776

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