942 monk looking for evening raids.

Guild Recruitment
Hello recruiters -
939 equip monk. Main Brew since Nighthold opened, I play all specializations and am willing to flex. My progress this tier is 5/9 with a couple sub 10% wipes on Mistress.

Ideally I am looking for the following:
• Raid times starting sometime around 9:00 pm EST
• Minimum 6 hour raid schedule, prefer 9+
• Current progress: 6/9 mythic or more
• Reliability. A guild that’s been around pre-Legion and held fast
• Opening for a core raid spot once Antorus opens

What do I mean by this? If you recruit me as a mist or wind it is a spec change for me. It is usually not in your best interest to bring in a spec change toon for progress. I expect most raid leaders will agree. By this point in the tier many raiders are feeling toasty and have everything but massive TF. You can trial me on farm content or wait to trial me when Antorus opens. I’m looking ahead to Antorus more than I am concerned with current tier.

Brewmaster: 67 traits, 11 legendary
Mistweaver: 66 traits, 4 legendary
Windwalker: 61 traits, 4 legendary

Please drop your tag or discord ID and I'll reach out to you. You'll have to have discord privacy & safety settings allow friend requests.

Thank you for your time. Hippie #1712 (Discord: Hippie#5160)
At this time we are not in the market for a new tank, however that could always change down the road with the way this expansion has gone. If you're willing to play WW and open to the days then lets chat!

Is a highly efficient US-Hyjal-PVE semi-hardcore raiding guild focused on Mythic raiding and Mythic+ dungeons.

Tomb of Sargeras is a new opportunity for many. If you are determined up step into (6hr) "casual-mythic" raiding, bring the right blend of performance, dedication, passion and attitude, feel free to get in touch!

Raid times:
Friday + Saturday 7-10 PM PST.
  • Wednesday 7-9 PST is Mythic/Heroic-ToS optional/alt-raid - Friends&Fam welcome to join!
  • Weekends will be focused on Mythic content
  • Current Progression:
    Emerald Nightmare: Mythic 7/7M *Cutting Edge
    Trials of Valor: Mythic 3/3M *Cutting Edge
    Nighthold: Mythic 9/10M
    Tomb of Sargeras: Mythic 6/9M Heroic 9/9H
    We have exemplified high-efficiency within our relaxed 2-night, 6 hour raid schedule. Other "semi-hardcore" guilds typically need 8-12 hours a week to be on our level of progression.

    (Can verify on wowprogress/warcraftlogs; we believe in full transparency).

    We progression-raid 6hrs/week, if you are raiding for 2x our time, and NOT 2x our progression, think about how efficient and competent your current raid team is; consider how you are spending your valuable time.
  • We spend our time not prog-raiding like it's a 2nd job to play some alts, organizing alt-raids, PVP, and even play other games (LoL, Overwatch etc).
  • If you're frustrated because you feel your guild isn't fulfilling its potential, wasting too much time, and carrying too much dead weight, <Resistance> is the guild for you.
    Recruitment Needs

    Healer: High Priority 2x
  • Resto Shaman
  • Holy Pally
  • Resto Druid
  • Melee DPS: High Priority 2x
  • Any
  • Ranged DPS: Med Priority 1x
  • Any class - (Shadow Priest preference)
  • Tank 1x: Closed
  • Any class: Must have prior Mythic-tanking exp
  • Talented players of any class/spec will be considered!
    Applicants without mythic experience must show exceptional heroic logs.
    We believe in “bringing the player not the class.”

    We are looking for mature members who are comfortable with a relaxed raiding schedule, but will put in the effort and focus needed to maximize that time! Our guild has multiple groups that clear M+ for the maximum weekly cache. (Our tanks and healers are more than accommodating, are active daily clearing mythic+ runs and making sure our team is doing the most they can each week to improve)

    We are a social, and communicative team with lots of banter outside of our focused raid-time. We would prefer a Discord chat over a lengthy application so we can get a feel for each other's communication style and personality. Sharing the same (in-game) goals and building guild-culture is very important to us.
    Combat Logs are required!

    Many of us have been raiding together for several years, and while we are now well into adulthood and some of us even have kids; we still strive for mythic-progression raiding the 2 nights we are dedicated to.

    We have raiders from across the world from England, to Hong Kong, to New Zealand, all the way to the far northern wastelands known as Canada. Your orientation, geographic or otherwise, doesn't matter as we welcome all. We just ask you to be respectful of others (even Canadians!)

    We are looking for raiders with a good attitude, competent execution of class-mechanics and high situational awareness.
    Gear will all come in time, but most importantly to us: We Do Not Carry.

    Interested or want more info?
    Whisper/Add BTAG:
  • CKBEAST#1849 (GM)
  • Bear#1696 - Myself
  • Is a cute panda, also.
    Hello Friend,
    Going to try and keep this nice and short.

    Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

    4/9M, 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras
    6/10M Nighthold
    2/3M Trial of Valor
    7/7M Emerald Nightmare

    8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

    Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you. We always need more cute pandas! =)

    Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

    We may be interested in adding a Brewmaster to the team. Hit us up.

    <Trials> on Proudmoore is looking for more.

    7/9M ToS (pre-patch)
    10/10M NH (Cutting Edge)

    Our Raid Schedule:
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday 6:30 - 9:30 PST or 9:30 - 12:30 EST

    Recruitment Needs: We are currently recruiting players who are looking for a competitive raiding guild. We are looking for players who are self-motivated to better themselves. We're a fairly active guild even outside of raids, so there's almost always someone on.


    High: Moonkin, Warrior DPS, Resto Shaman, Rogue

    Medium: Shadow Priest, Resto Druid, Warlock, Holy Paladin

    Even if your class/spec is not listed, don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested. Players that can DPS and Heal on the same character very well are always high value.

    Loot: Our loot is distributed by loot council. Being a progression guild we give gear to those we feel deserve it and those who need to be rewarded because of their exceptional performance and consistent attendance.

    Paid Transfer: Will consider paid transfers on a case by case basis

    Please contact any of the following with any questions, or if you intend on trialing for our guild.
    <SOMA> is an Alliance guild on US-Magtheridon. We have been raiding since the start of MoP and been clearing content ever since. We are a laid back guild with our goal for each tier to get Cutting Edge. We got cutting edge for Emerald nightmare and reached 19% in P3 Gul'dan on our last raid night before the patch. We're always down to push mythic+ keystones before and after raid. We do heroic ToS on Thursday as an offnight which is not required to come. We also run M NH on Monday for people that use 4 pc T20 + 2 pc T19. Our age ranges from 18 to 35, but the average age is about 25. Our humor is not pc friendly, so if this will offend you, please do not apply. While we like to joke, our primary goal is to get CE for each raid tier. We are not elitests, but we don't want to wipe to trivial content.

    Raid Times

    Mythic Raid Nights

    Tuesday 7:30-10:30 pm EST
    Wednesday 7:30-10:30 pm EST


    Thursday 7:30-10:30 pm EST or finished


    7/7 M EN
    2/3 M ToV (prepatch)
    9/10 M NH (prepatch)
    6/9 M ToS (Maiden should die tonight)



    Mage (Any)
    Hunter (MM/BM)
    Shaman (Ele)
    Warlock (Any)


    Druid (Boomkin)
    Shadow Priest




    Sense of humor
    Listen to voice coms
    Working Mic
    Non-elitest attitude
    A love for the game
    85% Raid Attendance

    Who to Contact


    Apply here

    Have an immediate opening for a tank- we fit your times/needs.

    8/9M, Alliance, Sargeras <Elusive>

    T/W/TH 9-12:30 EST (May add time/days until KJ is dead - we can discuss)

    Extending until KJ is dead. Looking for a permanent tank for next tier as well.

    Swift#1228 (GM - is on now if you want to chat) or Bordak#1957, I'll be on before raid and we can chat then... up to you
    Right Meow is a 3 night a week Alliance raiding guild. We are currently 7/9M and closing in on Avatar. We are looking for a few more to finish up this tier and head into Antorus with.

    Our raid schedule is Tues, Wed, and Thurs 8-11PM EST.

    Apply at http://rightmeow.shivtr.com/
    Or contact Breadz ingame: Breadsworth#1303
    Who we are
    Insurgency is a guild that first laid its foundation on April 26th, 2009, and we have focused on building an environment and a community to not only raid, but make friendships. That foundation has grown and grown throughout the years into a place we all call home.

    The Idea
    The idea of efficient raiding, instead of bulk raiding to down content. It has been done before, but we intend to do it better. We intend to build more than a WoW raiding guild, we’re building a community. We are very active on and off of raid times, and due to our easy schedule, we have time to play and organize other events and games outside of WoW.

    We enjoy the environment we’re building, and the people we are building it with. As a guild, our goal is down content – but enjoy this game in a way we haven’t in a long time. The best way to describe our raid environment is relaxed and communicative. We will discuss issues, mechanics, strategies, and mistakes openly to curb them and move on.

    Raid Info
    Insurgency is a Mythic late-night progression guild, on the server Bladefist. Also, Bladefist is on an LA data center. We raid Tue-Thu 8:30pm-11:30pm PST (That’s 10:30pm-1:30am CST, and 11:30pm-2:30am EST). We will be raiding under a rotational loot council of the officer core and a random member to provide outside input. Our loot council will distribute loot based on the piece’s impact to the guild as a whole, and to specific classes. Primary source of communication on and off raid will be Discord for chat services and Teamspeak for voice.

    What we expect from you
    This covers all facets of the meaning. When it comes to discussion at any point during the raid, or outside of the raid, please have input (negative or positive). Your opinion is invaluable to our success. Speak up and voice it.
    Willingness to participate
    If you’re someone who has a massive ego, or someone who does not take criticism well – this not the place for you. Please realize this is not a middle-school playground, there is no room for tantrums or childish behavior.
    Sense of Humor
    We’re just a group of raiders looking to have a good time, and humor is a big part of the grand scheme of things. Without it, we’re just playing a game without emotion.

    The ability to listen, and comprehend strategy is important. If you are someone who, for whatever reason, does not enjoy listening to other people.. this is not the place for you. Please understand we raid on a very light schedule so it is absolutely critical that you understand how mechanics work in as few pulls as possible.

    What you can expect from us
    From raid leading and sales to M+ groups, we like to cover it all. Our officers have been working together to make the guild better every day.
    Whether it comes down to rotation, theory crafting, fight mechanics, or even person issues. We can provide a broad range of ideas and proven techniques to assure we’re helping you as a player, and a person.
    Though we are here to have fun, we’re here to raid, and down bosses. We will be analyzing fights and logs to make sure things are running 100% smoothly.
    Something you won’t see often on a guild page about recruitment. Without a fun environment, things get too stuffy. Though we are going to be pushing into the hardcore territory, we’re all here to have fun and play the game how we want.

    After reading all this, if you think you would be a good fit here, please don’t hesitate to reach out! You can put in an app at the website below!

    Battle Tag: Charine#11233
    Discord: Charine#6083
    Website: http://www.insurgencywow.com
    <Whiskey Brigade>, 7/9 M ToS on US-Eredar, is a late night raiding guild that has progressed through current content since TBC. The roster has evolved over time, but we've been around for awhile and plan to continue having fun raiding and experiencing WoW together. We are a progression guild that takes raiding seriously. The focus is on teamwork and having fun, but a lot of that fun comes from playing well and killing bosses. Like any other guild, we expect our raiders to come to raid on time, fully prepared, with the intent to perform at their peak!

    Raid Times: Tue/Wed/Thurs 8pm-11pm server (central)

    Realm: Eredar, Gorefiend, Wildhammer, Spinebreaker

    Loot System: Loot Council with close calls being random roll

    Recruitment: Looking for a few solid dps, a tank with dps offspec, a resto druid with dps offspec - if you have the dedication to perform at your best, learn and grow with the raid, and show up to raid on time and prepared (we provide flasks).

    If interested please send Gigadunker-eredar/Avanda-eredar/Skaltrops-gorefiend/Zajik-eredar/Shrah-eredar an in-game mail or tell! Cheers!

    btag: Gigadunker#1287
    <Arcadia> is 9/9 Heroic and LFM!
    Raid times: Tuesday & Wednesday: 9:30pm - 12:30am CST, with an optional Monday raid at 9:30pm - 12:30am CST for Clean up.

    Current Recruitment Needs:

    1 Tank ((Brewmaster, Deathknight, or Guardian preferred. But all interested parties will be considered.))
    1 Healer ((Druid, or Shaman prefered))
    5 DPS - Ranged or Melee ((Any interested party will be considered. We do not have a requirement on this so long as you meet the guidelines posted below))

    Before applying, please read our rules for joining. We don't have many, but those we do have are in place to keep our guild working as a team and as friends.

    Requirements for Joining:

    Positive Attitude ((Must play well with others))((If you are a Rude Elitist, you have no place here.))
    Ability to Commit to Relaxed and Casual Raiding Schedule ((IE: Two - Three Nights a Week))
    Discord ((Not required to talk, only listen. This is void if applying for a Tanking Position, we require our tanks applicants to have a working mic and be able to converse with eachother to make things easier.))
    Deadly Boss Mods and/or BigWigs
    915+ iLvl
    500k Dps Min ((Not AS strict but give us a Ballpark))

    If you are interesting in chatting with myself or any of our officers feel free to shoot us a BTag Request! Most of the time one of our officers and or Raid Leaders will be on and available to answer any questions you might have for us. We look forward to hearing from you soon!!

    Battle Tags:
    Tonilyn (GM) - Tonilyn#1112
    Kif (Officer) - Kiflor#1861
    We are Horde and have been a team since December 2009. We're interested in having you join our squad. Can we speak on BNET or Discord?
    Legion Progression History:
    ***Mythic Desolate Host consistently to Phase 2***
    4/9 M-ToS, 8/10 M-NH, 2/3 M-ToV & 7/7 M-EN

    Raid Schedule (Server[CST]):
    Tuesday & Thursday: 10:00PM - 1:00AM
    Deviant is a team consistenting of mostly late 20 early, 30 year old players. I would describe our team as a mature guild that have created a raiding environment that likes to have fun, but avoids politics, racism & homophobia. I regularly update our website so please take a look as there is additional information on our raid environment and loot system there in addition to some boss kill videos, which are added the day after each progression kill.

    is a Horde US progression based 2 day, 6 hour raiding guild formed in December 2009.
    We use a customized EPGP loot system modified over multiple expansion to make it fair for both old and new team members & Discord for voice chat.
    Server Group:
    Destromath, Thunderlord, Azgalor & Azshara

    Visit our website for FAQs & kill videos:
    GM Contact Info:
    enceno#1753 on Blizzard App
    enceno#7514 on Discord
    Atlas on US Zul'jin Horde is currently seeking 1-2 more ranged DPS to solidify our mythic roster for M ToS and go into Argus with us to obtain a top 50 US ranking. Atlas is a recent split off of the guild "Endure" on the same server. We split off from the guild to our previous GM and a few other raiders needing to be carried in raid. Our group of raiders consist of many players who have played in top 50 guilds previously or currently are. Some for example currently raid with guilds such as Raiding Rainbows. The guild has thus far successfully killed Mistress since leaving our previous guild and taking a ~month off from Mythic ToS.

    We are looking for skilled players who can hold their weight in raid with our current raiders. People interested in joining should have past mythic experience and a team oriented mindset. Just as importantly, you should be able to fit in with our group of people and have fun with us while raiding.

    Raid Times:
    Tuesday 12-3 EST
    Wednesday 12-3 EST
    Sunday 12-3 EST

    High Priority:
    Resto Druid
    Disc/Holy Priest
    Holy Pally

    Medium Priority:
    Boomkin(hybrid heals)
    Unholy/Frost DK

    Low Priority:


    Apply @ our discord: https://discord.gg/TYftj5J
    Even if you are a low priority or not listed I encourage any players of exceptional quality to apply or contact us through our battletags.
    GavinS#1271 - GM/RL
    inoa#1174 - Recruitment Officer
    Hey Hippiesbrew,

    <Mutiny> [horde] is 5/9m ToS and progressing on dragonmaw server. We are a laid back guild - semi-hardcore. All mature and like to have a good time with raids but progress as well. We have been around since beginning of MoP and are going strong. Server is a little lackluster but we are dealing. Our main tank is going to be retiring soon and are looking for a replacement - current tank is brewmaster so a straight up replacement with the same class would be welcome.

    Raids are Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 7-10pm PST (10-1am EST). Loot is distributed by council using the RC loot council addon. If you think this sounds like a fit for you please contact me through discord or battle tag at:
    Zinn#1375 (btag)
    Zinn#6927 (discord)

    We have one of the easiest application processes you'll find! And you never know, we could be your new home.
    Enigma (10/10M), (9/9H) (7/9M) is a hardcore raiding guild on Mal'Ganis (US) Chicago, Horde.

    About us
    Enigma was formed at the end of 2015. As a policy, we reward consistent raiding positions to raiders who perform well. We believe that all players in Enigma, regardless of seniority or rank must perform to keep their raid spot. This ensures a competitive atmosphere. By joining us you agree to playing outside of raid the minimum of one 10+ key and 15 bil ap gain scaling with ak.
    We actively help our members get 10+ keys each week as well and are proud to present the best M+ team on the server Enigmatic!

    Raid Schedule
    Tuesday: 10:00PM CST - 01:30AM CST
    Wednesday: 10:00PM CST - 01:30AM CST
    Thursday: 10:00PM CST - 01:30AM CST

    Actively looking for healers and a tank.
    Exceptional applicants of any kind are accepted and given opportunity. Balance druids, Mages, Warriors, and Shadow Priests are of special interest.

    More information
    If you have any concerns or questions or wish to inquire about recruitment, please contact us.
    Gazzuk#1936 our GM
    (Rec Officer) Lion - Lion#12441, Myself
    (Rec Officer) Çelar - Orcbely#1393

    We utilize discord for communication;
    Website and Application: www.guildenigma.com
    Hey There, I'd be interested in talking to you about coming to raid with us on Dragonmaw, sounds like we might be what you're looking for and vice versa. We're looking to round out a couple spots on the team. We are currently 5/9 m, on mistress with a few 20% wipes, looking for healers/dps!

    You can hit our recruitment officer Clumbaby-Dragonmaw up in game or by battletag
    Battletag: Clumbaby#11239
    [A] <No Skill> Rexxar/Misha Connected Realm

    Raid Schedule:
    Mon/Tues/Wed 5-9PM PST (8-12EST)
    This is for progression & farm.

    Currently 5/9M.

    We are a progression oriented raid guild consisting mostly of players who have known eachother for multiple years, but are welcoming to new faces. As a guild we only started raiding during Legion, getting realm first Xavius before having some attendance problems in NH keeping us at 9/10. We are looking to get Cutting Edge once again this tier, and are working hard towards that goal.

    We can compensate in game for a transfer once a trial period of 2 weeks is completed.

    We are currently recruiting for all roles, but have a more immediate need for RDPS and healers.

    Apply at:
    https://goo.gl/forms/gxPTGqUUbxY2Hwqq2 (Google Survey), or add me on bnet: Covahz#1569.
    Eternal Kingdom of Proudmore US (PVE) is a multi team raiding community. Team Umbra (6/9M ToS) FRI/SAT/SUN 8-11PST w/ Tuesday farm night 8-11 is LFM!
    Check us out on www.eternal-kingdom.com!

    Add me Feyranna#1657 if you want to chat more :)
    We can use quality players, which you clearly are. We'd need you to app as a MW who can tank on emergency nights when a tank is out / 3 tank fights. If that works for you, it looks like everything else on your requirements fits us. I'd love to talk to you about it. Now for the typical spam:

    We are currently 7/9m and always pushing to be better. We're 9 hour / week and are looking for raiders who can focus and maximize progress in that time. Thank you for your time and I hope to talk to you soon.

    Raid: T/W/Th 9pm-midnight EST (invites at 8:45pm)
    Tenure: On Sargeras since mid SOO (so we're not going anywhere)
    Loot: RC Loot Council + 1 core raider alternating weekly (so everyone knows how loot is decided)
    Web: BC-Guild.com
    Me: Pieces#11238

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