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posting on an alt as to not cause drama. Looking for a guild to push mythics in Antorus. Currently getting to P2 in Avatar. Just seeing what options are out there.

I also have a Rogue on ally side, aswell as a Shaman/Monk/Priest on horde side.

Prefer after 7 EST tuesday-thursday.


wont reply to spam
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We are looking to add some to our roster for the next tier lemme know what you think.

Time: Fri/Sat 9:30pm-12:30 am EST (server)
Server:Zul’jin (Horde) <Deadbeat Dads>
Progress: Mythic 7/9 weekend (9/9M weekday)

Healer (dps offspec pref)
DPS 2-3 any

Do the cries for adventure stifle the cries of your screaming children? Does the idea of getting loot and downing bosses make you happier than seeing your spouse? Do you think about taking a sick day to stay home and play WOW? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then <Deadbeat Dads> is the guild for you. Welcome home.

Contact Weekend officers

or send an application here: http://www.dbdguild.com/apply-fs/

The guild has been together since 2009 and we are looking to bolster our ranks for the weekend team. We focus on raiding and all the PVE world activities required for strong progression, but we don't mind taking time to enjoy ourselves along the way. We also have a Heroic progression team for your friends that might not be up to mythic raiding. We are Deadbeat Dads and we pride ourselves on kicking !@# and taking names.

We are currently seeking more members to finish Mythic TOS and start strong in Antorus. Even though we are considered “Casual”, that label more aptly describes our environment than our attitude towards raiding. We pride ourselves in getting the most out of playing with our shortened schedule. Do you want to be in our roster?

Even if you aren't married or don’t have children, we can still be a home to you. If you share our passion for raiding, please feel free to apply. Your skills and talents will help balance out our roster and allow us to continue to down Mythic bosses.
Hi there, we are an 8/9M guild and if you are ok with Sunday for a raid night, then our raid times seem to fit for you. We could use another good Hunter, check out our guild info below. I've also sent you a Btag request.

<Proper Villains> [A] Proudmoore. We are currently seeking dps (range preferred) and 1 healer (any class) to join us in finishing up Tomb and heading into Antorus.

Recruitment Thread with specific needs: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20754295247#1

7/7M EN, 3/3M ToV, 10/10M NH
8/9M ToS (for now)

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
8:00pm - 11:00pm Pacific (Server time)

Key guild differentiators:
Our guild, raid, and Discord atmosphere is constructed around being a collaborative low-stress environment. There is absolutely no yelling or raging at people, no egos being thrown about. We do not require people to level/gear alts for split runs. Optional runs for achievements, AP and legendaries are organized weekly.

Please apply on our website at http://proper-villains.enjin.com/recruitment

If you have questions, please contact me (Btag Wherner#1403 or discord Wherner#6180) or Reason at Btag beyond#1193.
Looking for a hunter, I'll keep it brief:

We’re 8/9M and raid 3 nights a week on Tues/Weds/Thurs from 7pm - 10pm PST.


VOID - voidls.com - 9/9M - KJ is deaded

Hey there! We're looking for a hunter specifically, so definitely check us out and fill out an app if you like what you see.

• Hunter, Spriest, Warlock, Ranged
• MW Monk, Resto Shaman
• Guardian Druid
• All players with exceptional logs are encouraged to apply!

Main Recruitment Thread:

3-days a week - 12hrs (CST)
Tues - 7:30pm - 11:30pm
Wed - 7:30pm - 11:30pm
Mon - 7:30pm - 11:30pm

roffletastic#1470, Outcold#1174, or Jayken#1914
Hi, we are in need of a Hunter and I really think you'd fit in well on our team, I hope you give us a look.

We are currently 7/9m and always pushing to be better. We're 9 hour / week and are looking for raiders who can focus and maximize progress in that time. Thank you for your time and I hope to talk to you soon.

Raid: T/W/Th 7:45-11pm Server (Central US)
Tenure: On Sargeras since mid SOO (so we're not going anywhere)
Loot: RC Loot Council + 1 core raider alternating weekly (so everyone knows how loot is decided)
Web: BC-Guild.com
Me: Pieces#11238
Hello there,

We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Stormrage with a progression of 8/9M in ToS (KJ Phase 2 prog) & 10/10M in NH. We are looking to pick up a skilled Hunter for core opening.

Symmetric is also highly active outside of raiding hours, we push a lot of keys as a guild and do make a lot of gold via Mythic+ carries & Raid sales. A very popular alliance Mythic+ community discord is also ran by one of our member (Relic) and it is a reliable way to find skilled & dependable players for your high keys! We are a skilled group of raiders hungry for more kills than just the shiny purples & looking forward to have more team oriented, non-egomaniacs and competent players in a relaxed but yet progression oriented environment.

Our current raid times are Tues. Wed & Thurs from 9:00 pm - 12:00 am EST. If these times fit for you and you want a chill environment, please contact me at Obskure#6264 (GM).


Thanks and good luck!
<Symmetric - Stormrage>
Btag: Obskure#6264
Discord: Majestyk#0034
I added you on btag as well, but I will post a short and clean version of our guild info here.

<Toast> on Area-52, horde side.

We have been a guild for MANY years and we have 9 raid teams, 2 connected guilds, and a dedicated RBG team. We are currently 7/9 Mythic, with Avatar to sub 20%... so we are pretty close to the kill. We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11 EST. We are pushing for the "Cutting Edge" achieve, and looking for like-minded people, who will do what it takes to get that achieve.

We are the largest guild on our server, and it is pretty typical to have 200+ people online. We are ALWAYS doing either Mythic+, Heroic clears, Carry runs, RBG's, etc.

If you are interested, please contact me.
<We Lost> is a 7/9M Mal'Ganis guild that raids Tuesday/Thursday from 7-10 EST.

We're currently looking for a raider or two to bolster our roster for Mythic progression in hopes of getting Cutting Edge every tier this expansion.

Mythic experience is a must
Self-improvement and identifying problems is a must
Already having gear is a plus
We use Loot Council for "purple stuff"

If you are interested, please add our GM/our RL on BNet (TofuBoy#1602/Walper#1986) for some Q&A.
Do you have discord?
Would like to have a conversation about possibly having you for our Mythic antorus team BTag Dirtnasty#11601
Hey there!

We are looking for a Hunter!

We are a 6 year guild 8/9 M TOS previously 10/10M NH and EN/TOV. We raid 3 days Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 7:30pm CST- 10:30pm CST

if those days and times sound good, we should chat!

Hello friend! I was browsing the recruitment forum and think you might be a good fit for our guild, <Friend Zone>! Here’s a little about us, please let me know if you’re interested in a potential raiding position.

Current Progression:
T20: 8/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras ~300 pulls on KJ, phase 3
T19: 7/7 Mythic EN, 3/3 Mythic ToV, 10/10 Mythic Nighthold
T18: 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel
T17: 10/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry, 7/7 Mythic Highmaul
T16: 14/14 Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar (US 56th)
T15: 13/13 Heroic Throne of Thunder (US 69th)

Darkspear, Alliance

We’ve been raiding as a guild for over 5 years. We have a long history of being the best guild on the server, and strive to improve ourselves everyday. We pride ourselves in keeping a calm and enjoyable raid environment while staying competitive throughout new content. We are also a tight knit group of friends that often do M+, hang out in discord, and even meet each year at Blizzcon.

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday/Thursday/Monday 7:30PM-11PM MT (6:30PM-10PM PST, 9:30PM-1AM EST) (10.5 hours/week)



Recruitment Thread:
Hi Lyric! Id love to chat with you about what you're looking for in detail! If you'd like to add Sorrow#11452 on bnet or Sorrow#3026 on discord, id rather talk one on one than toss you some generic spam! Hope to hear from you!
<Dishonored> is currently recruiting dedicated raiders for our two raid teams.

Team 1 Progression: 9/9H, 6/9M
Team 2 Progression: 9/9H, 3/9M

Team 1’s raid times are:
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 7:30-10:30pm Pacific

Team 2’s raid times are:
Saturday & Sunday from 6:00-9:00pm Pacific
We also do a weekly heroic clear on Fridays.

We are seeking all talented raiders for both healers & DPS for both teams and will talk to any interested raiders! We are relaxed groups that get serious to kill bosses, but we like to have fun and improve our play at all times. We learn from mistakes without raging, and we move on to get the kill.

If you're interested, please contact our recruitment team: Battletags: Dishonored#11140, Izicialrage#1292, Juderulz#1632 or Lanneck#1840.
Interested in 2 night raiding?
<Okay> Illidan 7/9M ToS

Tues & Thurs. 8:30-11:30 cst(server)

Focus on efficient Mythic progression, Speed clears, M+, and having fun.
US 15 Leadership. Adult Guild.
Flasks & food provided.

Hey, if you're still looking for a guild, <CRY MOAR> is looking at picking up a couple of ranged DPS for Antorus. We're 9/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras right now and raid 8-11 Eastern Tuesday-Thursday. If you're interested you can check out our logs and add me on btag (jello#11422) to chat, or just apply on our website (crymoar.com).

Best of luck in the guild search.
Hawty! would love to speak with you, will try to contact via battle chat!

Molten Core Swim Team -2/9 M, 9/9 H ToS. Recruiting for mythic progression. Raid is Tues/Thur/Sun 7:30 - 9:30 PM st. We are a casual progression raid group that likes to chill and have fun while keeping a positive vibe downing content.

Looking for DPS (all) pure and with great OS Healing (H Priest/R Druid). Must be Mythic ready, don't have to have the mythic experience yet.

Mostly 25+ guild, must be 18+

*We have members always pushing Mythic 10+ for loot chances each week.
*Every Saturday is a Normal Alt run night (bring your main as well) followed by any achievement runs people need.
*We have leads for each role that will help guide and develop skill

Recruiting all other potential raiders to help learn and gear and standby for spots in raids.

Shamsz (GM)- pjmes#1446
Allonsy - Guild Lead - Murdertramp#1435
Singlesolder - Class Lead/Recruiter - YuGiOh#1530
Boutreefiddy - Class Lead - hanzilol#1492

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