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11/14/2017 06:59 PMPosted by Bandajo

One way to accomplish that is to have a prebuy option for Classic WoW that comes with access to a client where we can have discussions about that very thing with the people who are most invested in the outcome.

I just paid $15 for a sub for a game I am never going to play just so I can post topics here. (apparently I have to wait 72 hours) I would rather have paid $40-$50 for a pre-buy of classic wow and be part of a community exclusively dedicated to helping make it happen.

This. The fact that the community narrative is already predominantly shaped by people that are currently playing retail really worries me about the direction the conversation can take. People satisfied with retail already have a product they can happily pay Blizzard for.

I want to give Blizzard my money, but not if they fail on this.
Agreed. Inability for non-active accoutns and those without subs active is worrisome. Leads to a landscaped shaped by people with possibly no actual interest in vanilla.
11/14/2017 06:46 PMPosted by Docdangerous
I say keep it as vanilla as possible. We want World of Warcraft Classic. Making class balance changes, however good intentioned, opens the floodgate for other changes. Before you know it, LFR and Titanforging come leaking in. No. Keep it out. Keep WoW Classic 100% pure. After all the content/raids release, MAYBE MAYBE *MAYBE* consider new patches. And that's a HARD maybe. The safe, smart way to go is 100% vanilla.

dude, you missed the most important addition to vanilla wow, instant 60 with your pre-order of the game, people who want changes are dumb af
Without a doubt, classic needs to be as close to 1:1 Vanilla when released.

If the player base is there later in classic's life (which I think it will be, watch the whole MMO market scrambling yet again to jump on WoW's bandwagon), then we can talk about testing out some balance changes. Maybe in the form of a [new] fresh start server or even new content with classic design philosophy at the forefront.
No original as possible, despite the flaws.
you know what i want to see make a comeback in vanilla wow the corrupted blood plague that was fun please forget to fix it when you bring back classic
This some real disheartening stuff. You're considering class changes? really? So you're willing to let trolls and people who have no passion for a vanilla realm shape the classic server? as if they were the ones advocating for it the past 8 years?

Whats the worst case scenario of launching at 1:1? we get what we know we were asking for? We know what vanilla was. wildly popular vanilla private servers arent a thing for no reason.

Whats the worst case scenario of adding various changes and balances and tweaks? A not vanilla/classic experience.

Cmon bliz.
A few things have been taken out of context here, and I just wanted to course correct and say that nothing for Classic is set in stone.

We want to work with the Community on making sure we can do World of Warcraft: Classic the right way. We want to listen to the opinions of the players who have worked to get to where we are now.

We do not want players on our forums attacking each other left and right. People are free to have their opinions, on both sides of these arguments, and we will be following them closely.

We will not, however, play into the hands of people directing their followers to make attacks against our community or otherwise conflagrate the community we have on these forums.

I have read the majority of the discussion in this thread, and I think it's easy to see that a majority of posters here are against changes to class balance in any form in Classic. I'll make sure that feedback is passed on when the time comes for it. I think this thread has served its purpose and the feedback has been clear.


A word of warning: we're seeing a huge increase in outgoing forum moderation and punishments for harassment and toxicity from people who are participating in this forum without an active subscription. We would very much like to keep this option open, as I personally realize that Classic players may not necessarily play in Legion. However, if it becomes the best move for our community, and to maintain a constructive environment, I am not opposed to flipping the switch and returning this forum to subscribers only. Please be mindful of how you are treating each other, and please make sure your posts are constructive and provide good context for the thread you may be posting in. Thanks!

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