Missing characters after patch 7.3.2

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Greetings adventurers!

We experienced an issue after patch 7.3.2 went live that was causing characters whom had logged out since the patch went live to be hidden from certain features on several online systems such as the WoW armory on worldofwarcraft.com, the WoW web API, as well as from some mobile applications.

We have resolved this issue, however, any affected character will need to log in and log out of the game for the affected character to once again display in those affected systems.
All but one of mine has returned. It's on this Wow2 license: Seraeme -Aerie Peak.

I've logged Seraeme in and out of the game world a couple times.
I've logged in and out of WoW a couple time.
I've logged in and out of the website a couple times.
I've cleared Chrome's cache and tried again
I've logged in and out of the BDA.
I tried in IE and it's not only missing there too, but the UI is messed up (separate issue): https://postimg.org/image/8sodahf04r/

Still no Seraeme on the forums.
Yeah some of my stormrage characters are missing after several login attempts, particularly the one i post on regularly

Same name different server and i am also dealing with another technical error not being able to update the game- 840 one
Follow up: I checked this morning and Seraeme has reappeared.
So what do we do if relogging doesn't work?
None of my 8 110 level toons are in the armory - login in and out multiple times doesn't do anything.
I don't see any of my characters on armory aswell... I came looking for answers and found this forum. Any fix for those still experiencing this as of Jan 31, 2018
I will sometimes look up people on WoW Armory before accepting them to a group, and many times their characters are not shown in the Armory search. I double-check and triple-check the spellings, and make sure that any accent characters are correctly entered (if relevant). Still, about 1 in 4 searches come up empty.

Are there still issues with characters not showing up in the Armory?
I have done what is requested and still am missing one toon.
has there been an update to this issue?
I still have the same issue on two of my characters.

They can't be selected on forums/mobile app nor do they get picked up by blizzard API on wowprogress.

it is annoying.
I am missing all my characters over two accounts tied to one blizz account. Missing around 30 characters on multiple realms.

Deleted the App and reinstalled
Verified I was in the right Region
Changed my password.
Made sure both account were active.

Chatted with Blizzard and they directed me to this forum page for answer.:( I guess remotely accessing my AH Sales is a No Go!.
Happening to me as well, my two main characters aren't available to be selected. They log in and out each day so that's definitely not a solution. Any fix?
This issue is still happening for me as well.
06/25/2018 08:23 PMPosted by Riounis
This issue is still happening for me as well.

Hi Riounis, its been a few months since this thread was originally posted, what issue specifically are you encountering?

Is the issue that your character is not available to post as on the forums, or that the characters armory profile is not updating?

This character is throwing a Error 500 on his profile page. It is important I get my profile fixed for BfA, as I PUG a lot of stuff and they will need to check my credentials.
My main character is still missing now, others are fine but meaningless to. Not showing on Armory leads to miss on Raider IO. My M+ scores freezes at before I changed my name. I've tried every possible ways on any threads online, all of them just don't work. I paid for rename service to main, but it returns the bad happen. Pls help me fix this ASAP.
My old name: Flö, Current/new name: Flowgw, Realm: US-Illidan
One of my Alts is still having this issue. He is not appearing on the Armory.
It's 9/11/2018 my character still does not show up on Armory. if you do a search for Gblade, Armory returns the text showing 1 of 8, but it only list 4 characters. Mine is not one of them

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