Missing characters after patch 7.3.2

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<-- this character doesn't appear on armory ive been logging in/out every day for a week
Can't find this character in the armory. Also searched for a few guildmates and can't find them. I find other characters, from other servers, with the same names, but never the one I'm looking for. Also tried searching for my Guild. There several other guilds with the same name, but not the one I'm looking for.

I've had this problem for years. Others I know have had the problem as long.
wowprogress, askmrrobot, wow armory, raidbot all say i havnt logged out for 19 days now.

I cant update stuff for sims and gear/talent checking.

my armory either does not load or displays incorrect image and information.

I have been logging in and out daily. 19 days is a pretty long time
Wondering when we might get a response from a Blue in regards to this issue. My main, Devistation - Dalaran, doesn't show up in the armory and logging out and back in fails to fix the issue.
Greetings all,

We posted an update related to character update issues on the website and the API here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769749772#1.

As this thread was initially posted and related to issues revolving around patch 7.3.2, we'll be locking this thread for the time being.

Please continue to report issues you may encounter with the website and armory via existing threads that pertain to your specific issue, or by creating a new thread.


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