End of season rewards idea

Hey fellow PvPers,
What do you guys think of current non-gladiator rewards? A feat of strength and titles. I find them nearly worthless. So I thought of a very simple yet somewhat useful reward. BoA Badges of honor (rewards 1k honor)
Prestige is supposed to be an indicator of how skilled you are at PvP, if you earned, say, duelist, doesn't that mean you are somewhat skilled? Badges of honor would help you advance through prestiges and unlock more rewards
Why BoA badges of honor? Because for people like me, who have 3+ alts for PvP, it is boring to unlock honor talents, you are already skilled in PvP and you should be able to start doing rated PvP as soon as you have decent gear and concordance (which should take a couple of hours)
So, I suggest adding badges of honor to current PvP rewards (including gladiators ofc) to boost main's prestige and unlock rewards, or boost new alt's prestige to unlock honor talents
We need all kinds of rewards for all levels of play an assortment of stuff unlockable and purchaseable gear should matter again and we need vendors and a pvp hub to hang out duel etc with normal dueling not legion bs
They should make the elite set unlock in a similar way to the gearing system of BC/WOTLK:

2000 - Shoulders
1900 - Head
1800 - Chest
1700 - Legs
1600 - Gloves

Give lower rated players small, realistic goals to work towards throughout the season.
come on guys you know the zug zug frost dk would link you the shoulders and we all know not to play with him
11/02/2017 01:26 PMPosted by Coyote
I find them nearly worthless.

thats because if you're below glad you're nearly worthless v_v
Duelist: top 3%, 2100 ish cr
Rival: top 10%, 1900 ish cr

For the sake of the argument, we'll say anyone who's getting rival has a legitimate chance to earn the elite gear, and therefore has a reason to push. This means 90% of players have no real incentive to push rating.

Skymays is absolutely right, the old system that unlocked a new piece of gear every 100 rating was a much better system for encouraging players to queue up and play.

Having zero rewards for 90+% of the player base is unacceptable.
  • Elite gear tied to rating
  • Updated Grand Marshal/High Warlord set
  • Top rating RBG mounts
  • Instead of another Vicious Saddle mount, add a mount back to 2.2k in 2v2 (most played bracket)
  • +1000 honor token drops or BoA with every 100 rating you gain
  • New PvP gear that isn't PvE reskins
  • Unique flag Customization like old team flags
  • Goblin Coliseum with vendors and cross faction templated dueling
  • PvP in game tournaments that can be spectated in game like Brawler's Guild
  • Time walking PvP weekends that let you earn old school gear, or recolors of it at least
  • Expand Glad mounts to more people maybe, attempt to get more players to play (may lose a few of the "hardcore" kiddes, but it's just a mount guys, relax. The same dragon recolored 7 times isn't all that great)
  • Add more gold rewards to end of season (25,000 to rank1 players)
  • More combat pets (tradable)
  • Make the previous tiers from this expansion purchasable with 2.2k rating (The start of this expansion was god awful for alts, can be removed/changed once expansion ends)
  • 11/03/2017 12:32 AMPosted by Zaim
    Goblin Coliseum with vendors and cross faction templated dueling

    If by Goblin Coliseum you mean a Modern goblin equivalent of the WoD "Highmaul Coliseum" event you got for having a level 3 glad sanctum, then by all means sign me up..

    That event was like my one good memory from WoD as an expansion. That being said, I'm not sure how it could work out under the new gearing system.... So there'd need to be an adequate reward for winning it weekly.

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