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New player looking for leveling/dungeon/raid guild! Haven't played since WOTLK looking to get back into it. Looking for casual laid back guild.
<Animus Ex Machina> was formed earlier this year with a similar story! The core of our guild raided together for 10-man progression during WotLK and came back to play together through Legion raids. We are specifically a casual progression raiding guild, currently at 8/9 H TOS. If you're interested in heroic raiding, check us out @ aem-fenris.us to see if we'd be a good fit!
<LOA> A.K.A ( Lazy Over Achievers ) is a newLY formed guild of very experienced WoW veterans who are returning to the game after the news from Blizzcon.

If you are a returning player but fear that you being behind will hinder you please look no further. The founders of the guild are Prior mythic exp. raiders who just got to old for the guild hopping and drama that ensues within "Mythic" raiding guilds.

What we will be focusing on is all aspects of the game at a satisfactory level.

We will be clearing heroic raids weekly and quickly so you have the rest of the week free. We do not have plans for mythic raiding unless the stars align.

The majority of the Guild events will be as follows:

Heroic Raid's
and pretty much whatever else we can think of.

We use discord for everything.


Feel free to add us and ask questions.


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