Timewalking Bugs

Bug Report
I dont know if this is all versions of the dungeon or only the timewalking variant. In Gun'Drak after fighting Moorabi if a warrior tries to Heroic Leap over the water to avoid the fish they fall through the map and are combat locked so they cant teleport out and back in, they have to die to finish the dungeon
Can confirm. It also happens in normal and in heroic versions, not just timewalking.
I haven't run my Warrior through TW yet but I will keep that in mind. There is also a bug with Eck the Ferocious bonus boss in Gundrak where he glitches through the floor. Tested on multiple runs and its still happening, along with a harmless bug in Utgarde Pinnacle where the second bosses are all moving even though they are supposed to be still... yeah something is up this week

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