Who is your favorite orc?

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Personally I say its a two way tie between verok saurfang and his son. Loved both of them and love the two philosophies they share. Not warmongering lunatics but very controlled people, who always did what they believe was right for their people. (Of course this is after saurfang was relieved of the blood craze)

He's one of the few Orcs to admit the failures and atrocities of the Orc race. He doesn't blame demons, or draenei, he knows when they drank demon blood they did so on their own accord.

Now he does his best to push the next generation of Orcs onto a more noble and honorable path. Any man who can better himself after becoming the lowest of himself, is a real man to me.
My favorite is Nazgrel. I loved everything about him when I watched a plathrough of the cancelled Lord of the Clans game.
Is it weird that I like Dranosh Saurfang less than Varok due to the RP in ICC? You'd think it'd be the other way around, but nope.
Broxxigar. Anyone who can injure Sargeras is cool with me.
Koramar - He thinks good :)
If Half-Orcs count, Lantresor.

Otherwise Kargath (either universe). Rend Blackhand, Drek'thar, Garrosh, Gorgonna, Nazgrel, AU Fenris, AU Blackhand, and Zoggosh+Koramar too.

Orcs are nice.
Varok probably favorite but I do really love Nazgrim too.
Dead Orcs.

Always dead orcs.
Garrosh...he was a character that you loved to hate. I liked the Garrosh in the Stonetalon Mountains though for Horde...brutal, yet had a code of honor.
Thrall, main universe Grommash and Saurfang. Didn't like Garrosh so much
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Dead Orcs.

Always dead orcs.

Rexxar. ♥
Ner'zhul. I liked him in the main universe (poor, power-hungry fool. His wife went away too soon).

I also liked him in Draenor. Awesome design and voice.
"A kindling of bone and shadow."
Sadly I heard youtubers say that they are bringing back Thrall...

Which is odd, as Metzen retired.
Varok Saurfang easily. Thrall pre-cataclysm was a good contender but they ruined him.
Once upon a time, it was Thrall, but those days have long since passed.

I'd have to think about this. I may post later. There are not many orcs left that I like significantly above the others.
11/10/2017 09:55 PMPosted by Elae
Sadly I heard youtubers say that they are bringing back Thrall...

Which is odd, as Metzen retired.
Metzen retired from writing the stories. He still voices Thrall (and other characters), because he enjoys it. You can look this up if you wish, or simply notice that he voiced Thrall in Legion.

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