[A]<Blacksheep Squadron> LFM for Antorus!

Dawnbringer and Madoran
Contacts: Kenpachí
RealID/Battletag: Cloud362#1379

About Us:
Blacksheep Squadron has been an established guild on the Dawnbringer server since 2009. We currently have a 12-15 man raid group looking to expand with experienced players for progression (Doing Normals and Heroics) with a modest raid schedule. We have gotten AOTC for 95% of the active players in the guild through each tier this xpac. Currently 9/9H ToS, we are looking for more people to join us for Antorus when it drops. We have Progressed through content in every expansion and have been a tight knit guild over the many years of existence. We have kept a decent pace with content while being limited to one progression raid night per week (possibly looking to expand depending on people's schedules).

Raid Times (all raids are server time) Central
- Friday 2030 (8:30 pm)
- Possible plans to open up a second raid night depending on member interest.

Loot System
- Personal (lessens drama)

Currently Recruiting:

- we accept package deals and quality Raiders regardless of needs.

What we expect from you as a player:
- Seeing we only raid 1 night per week we would like 100% attendance (we understand RL things happen just let us know if you will be unable to attend if signed up)
- Discord (requirement for raiding)
- Knowledge of your class and spec.
- having a good knowledge of fights we are currently working on for progression.
- And most important to follow instructions, Mistakes happen, we understand, but just learn and grow from them.

Extra Info:
- We have a massive player base spanning from hardcore raiders with lots of past mythic experience, to high end arena teams. You can join knowing there will always be a place for you.
I'll message you in-game, but this sounds great to me.
I'm interested in joining :) I've been playing the game since '05 and l have a few alts, my main is a horde hunter that I'm thinking about bringing over.

Battlenet : Kitsunesama#11527

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